Conformia introduces its out-of-the-box Integrated Information Environment for large pharmaceutical and biotechnology process/product development teams. The company says that this system boasts of:

  • A service-oriented architecture to provide a central hub for integrating multiple source data systems.
  • The capability to offer more detail into the development process.
  • 1 consolidated central view of the process to eliminate confusion.
  • Avoidance of the typical point-to-point approach to data integration across multiple systems.
  • The flexibility to apply to manufacturing execution systems, enterprise resource planning, laboratory information management systems, electronic lab notebooks, project management, data analysis and process automation tools to multiple homegrown systems, such as spreadsheets and paper notebooks.
  • The power to support SAP, Oracle and IBM environments, as well as integrate multiple systems like IBM Maximo, EMC Documentum, LIMS and other homegrown systems through a hub-and-spoke approach.
  • Data delivery to those who want it when they need it.