Ideally suited for ethanol processing, blending and transfer applications, Blackmer’s new ProVane® motor speed vane pump line incorporates self-adjusting vanes to eliminate efficiency-robbing slip, maintaining near original volumetric output capacity and consistency. According to the company, this process process pump also delivers:

    • A hydrodynamic journal bearing, which uses the fluid boundary principle to provide extended bearing life under many operating conditions.

    • Reduced friction to lower heat buildup and energy loss, while simultaneously offering higher mechanical efficiency.

    • UL-listed fluorocarbon elastomer seals to allow for broader compatibility with a range of fluids.

    • The power to handle the highly corrosive nature of ethanol at all blend levels.

    • Availability in either a ductile-iron model or the feature-enhanced stainless steel model.

    • Suitability for continuous-duty operations in low- and medium-viscosity process applications, as well as line stripping, evacuation of heels and lift from storage tanks.

    • The flexibility to operate in low-flow, high-head applications with low-viscosity fluids.

    • Operating speeds up to 3,600 RPM with capacities from 6 to 100 GPM (23 to 379 L).

    • Your choice of 5 sizes ranging from 3/4 to 2 in.

    • No need for a gear reducer, resulting in a smaller footprint.

    • An optional relief valve to help protect the pump in case of over-pressurization.