The OM-EL-USB-TC thermocouple data logger from OMEGA Engineering features:

  • Measurement and storage of more than 32,000 temperature readings.

  • Easy setup of the initial data logging parameters, including thermocouple type, logging rate, start time, high/low alarm settings, logging mode and desired temperature units.

  • The capability to plug into a miniature female thermocouple receptacle at the unit's base.

  • The power to download stored data by plugging the module straight into a PC USB port and running easy-to-use Windows software.

  • The ability to graph, print and export downloaded data to other applications, such as Microsoft Excel.

  • Compatibility with types J, K or T thermocouples.

  • Status indication via flashing red, green and orange LEDs.

  • A long-life lithium battery.

  • Suitability for chemical, water and pharmaceutical industries.