BinMaster introduces the new Maxima+ Series of fail-safe rotary level indicators. Maxima+ level controls continuously self-diagnose and, in the event of failure, give immediate warning with an instantaneous corrective response. When material reaches the paddle, resistance causes the motor to de-energize; then, the relay changes status and automatically shuts off process systems.

When levels drop below the paddle, the motor energizes and the paddles start rotating. The relay changes status again and automatically starts up process systems. According to the company, the level indicators are also furnished with:

  • Easy integration into process control systems.

  • Reliable, smart circuitry that allows materials level monitoring and automatic control of the process system.

  • A supervisory circuit, which sends a signal to an external LED to indicate the sensor's status.

  • Quick visual monitoring of paddle rotation, covered condition or fault condition.

  • A pulse status relay for remote status monitoring.

  • Few moving parts for simple and dependable operation.

  • The capacity to control dry bulk material storage and flow.