The new LMA200PM moisture analyzer from Sartorius Mechatronics can achieve more speed and accuracy in measuring moisture content in a wide variety of materials. From ketchup to moisturizing cream to paint, moisture content is a decisive factor in determining the quality of a finished product-this is especially true in substances with extremely high moisture content. According to the company, these moisture analyzers are highlighted by:
  • A loss-on-drying technique that heats the sample with microwave radiation from two fields located on the floor of the cylindrical sample chamber (directly below the sample).
  • Homogenous distribution of microwave energy in the 2.45-GHz range in the sample material, eliminating the hot and cold spots that can otherwise occur.
  • Precise results of the moisture content of the substance being tested in just 40 to 120 seconds.
  • An integrated analytical weighing system with a resolution of 0.1 mg to ensure accuracy for determining wet and dry sample weights, which form the basis for calculation of loss on drying.
  • An exhaust system that draws the water vapor out of the sample chamber, leaving the sample dry and ready for further analysis, while additionally preventing condensation and contamination.
  • A color touch screen with one-button operation for routine applications (while all other steps are automatic) and plain language guidance texts.
  • Locking of measurement results into the display until you press a key to start the next analysis.