New from Schneider Electric is the Telemecanique® Nautilus™ XMLG pressure transmitter. Reliable, durable and easy to use, the Nautilus type XMLG pressure transmitter is a necessary part of any pumping system as it converts applied pressure to an electrical signal that can be used to control and monitor a process variable. A versatile solution for fluid control applications, this transmitter provides:
  • Pressure ranges from -14.5 to 8,700 PSI.
  • An analog current output of 4 to 20 mA or a voltage output from 0 to 10 V.
  • Suitability for any situation in which exact pressure measurement is required.
  • Easy interfacing with common automation systems, whether they are PLC- or variable frequency drive-based.
  • The ability to withstand high-impact mechanical performances.
  • Immunity to electromagnetic interference, and verified environmental protection with IP66 and IP67 ratings.
  • Short-circuit and reverse polarity protection.
  • No leaking in the event that destruction pressure is exceeded.
  • An integrated quick-connection system, Quickon from Phoenix Contact, or an M12 connector, that allows fast cabling.;