HBD/Thermoid recently unveiled the VAPOR-LOC™ tank truck hose, which can withstand tough, caustic bio-diesel and other bio-fuels. According to the company, this product is the first bulk fuel transfer hose to use Vapor-Loc—a fuel vapor barrier technology. This multi-layered barrier traps and prevents hydrocarbon fuel vapors from permeating through hose material. Furthermore, the company says the hose offers:
  • Suitability for bulk transfer of bio-diesel blends up to B-100, ethanol blends, gasoline, diesel, oils, most petroleum base products up to 60 percent aromatic contents, various types of fats, hydraulic fluids and some chemicals.
  • The avoidance and prevention of hose reinforcement/cover materials degradation caused by the permeation of bio-fuels and other caustic fuel types.
  • The reduction of fuel loss caused by fuel-vapor permeation.
  • A full vacuum rating.
  • A variety of inner diameter sizes from 1" to 4".
  • Availability in smooth or corrugated covers.
  • Full working pressures of 150 to 200 PSI based on hose size/style.
  • An operating temperature range of -30º to 200ºF (-34º to 93ºC).