Blue-White Industries has redesigned its F-450N Series flowmeter to make it even more durable and, in the process, added some additional features. The company believes the F-450 boasts of:
  • A polysulfone construction, which resists high temperatures and pressures.
  • A 25 percent greater body wall thickness.
  • 40 percent larger half union connections.
  • Oversized O-rings for a quality seal.
  • An adjustable flow-indicating marker.
  • Flow ranges from 0.1 to 10.0 GPM or 0.4 to 40.0 LPM, and 1.0 to 48.0 SCFM or 2.0 to 80.0 M3HR.
  • A direct reading permanent scale.
  • Availability of in-line or panel mountings.
  • An optional integral flow adjustment valve.
  • #316 stainless steel guide rods and floats with Hastelloy and Teflon options available.