Solution providers from around the world will meet in Houston, TX, Oct. 2-4, for ISA Expo, where they will unveil their latest automation and control products. The expo, billed as the largest of its kind in North America, will also have five special technology pavilions. These are described below.

1. The first pavilion, called the Bus Station, will be a collaborative endeavor that delivers the latest information on industrial bus and field communications.

2. The Industrial Communications Pavilion will feature data communications technologies from wireless data links to fiber-optic Ethernet switches as well as automation interface products.

3. The Software Solutions Pavilion will have software for interoperability, shop floor data collection, automation, process control, process improvement, and data acquisition.

4. The Environmental Pavilion will provide products and solutions to help companies comply with environmental regulations.

5. The last pavilion, called the Sensors Fair, will showcase sensors, transducers, detectors, and related technologies for both process and discrete industrial automation applications.

ISA Expo will also offer six exciting information exchanges, which are described below.

1. The Security Exchange will allow attendees to learn from world-renowned cyber security and automation systems experts. The regulatory environment, OMAC and Microsoft related industrial applications, OPC, and security risk analysis will be some of the topics discussed.

2. The Wireless & Networking Exchange will include information on a gamut of technologies including SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition), signal compatibility, wireless cyber security, EDDL (electronic device description language) network selection, and ISA-100 wireless standards.

3. The Process Automation Exchange will offer resources relating to flow measurement, model predictive control, batch applications, and advanced regulatory control.

4. The Safety Exchange will include information on SIS (safety-instrumented system) selection, hazardous locations, alarms, SIL (safety integrity level) selection, boiler controls safety, electrical equipment for hazardous locations, instrument signals and alarms, and ISA-84 standards for use in process safety management of highly hazardous chemicals.

5. The Environmental & Quality Control Exchange will be a technology smorgasbord encompassing aspects of power, chemical and substance analysis, pharmaceutical, and water with the overriding theme and focus being quality of life.

6. The Enterprise Integration Exchange will discuss control system integration, control system integrators, and asset management as well as ISA-95 Enterprise-Control System Integration and ISA-88 Batch Control.

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