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Vertical Cone Screw Blender/Dryers

Ross Vertical Blender/Dryers are ideal for vacuum drying a wide range of applications in either solid or liquid state, such as powders, granules, pellets, fibers, pastes and slurries. This type of drying equipment features a slow-turning auger screw that gently lifts batch materials upward as it orbits around a conical vessel. Materials carried to the top of batch then cascade slowly back down...

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Compact Screw-Press

WEFTEC visitors to Alfa Laval’s booth #4917 will have the opportunity to see the new Alfa Laval Screw Press together with a sequential batch reactor (SBR), an Iso-Disc cloth media filter, a working membrane bioreactor (MBR) unit, key decanter feature components and a fluid control display.

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Dryer-Dust Collector

A new vibrating fluid bed drying system from The Witte Company integrates drying and dust collection into a single unit to capture fine particles and recover the high-value material as saleable product that would otherwise be lost as waste. 

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Rail-Mounted Fluid Bed Dryers

Rail-mounted vibratory dryers and coolers from the Witte Company are suitable for foods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, aggregates and other products that require dry processing.


Can Drying Tunnels

DRYING: Air Control Industries' DRI-Line series can drying tunnels use a variable height plenum with a Y shaped slot configuration and have been specifically designed for drying the tops and bottoms of cans. The tunnels can be readily supplied to cater to single or multi lane conveyors.

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Pasteurization of Sausages

DRYING: HOEGGER's model ECOPAST 74 ensures optimal product quality, longer shelf life and increased cost-effectiveness in the production of various sausage products. Since the vacuum packages do not expand, this machine works with comparably low spacing between the levels of trays.

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Auto Dryer for Fresh-Cut Produce

DRYING: The redesigned Auto Dryer, from Key Technology, Inc., removes surface water from fresh-cut produce while enabling continuous line flow. Available in one-, two- and four-drum models, the system offers new controls, a new motor and a new structure that improves the dynamic operating condition.

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Batch Ovens

DRYING: Benko Products, Inc.'s Sahara batch ovens with roll-in carts maintain superior temperature control and uniformity for drying or curing. The ovens are designed for ease of use and reliable performance in harsh environments.

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Low Moisture Levels & Zero Air Leakage

Munters has designed its HCD Series desiccant dehumidifiers to efficiently dehumidify to low moisture levels, processing between 300 and 12,000 CFM of air.


Dehumidify without Using Excessive Energy

Bry-Air's new EcoDry™ energy-efficient desiccant dehumidifiers, featuring BrySmart control technology, reduce energy usage by up to 45 percent.


Mechanical Dehumidifiers that Cool & Dry

DRYCO now offers ArcticDRY mechanical dehumidifiers — in three different sizes and ratings — to deliver cold air and remove moisture.


Dehumidifiers Designed for Hazardous Locations

DRYCO recently released its explosion-proof XDH2000 deep-drying dehumidifiers with silica gel-impregnated desiccant technology for mobile applications.


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