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Gas & Flame Detectors Protect Portable LNG Vaporizers

Operators at remote liquefied natural gas (LNG) production sites who rely on portable or skid mount vaporizer production equipment will find General Monitors provides comprehensive gas and flame monitoring to prevent accidental explosions and fires..

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Multi-Spectrum Infrared FL4000H Detector

A new Flame Detection Video from General Monitors demonstrates how the FL4000H Multi-Spectrum Infrared Flame Detector responds to flames 210 feet away, as well as its immunity to arc welding. The Model FL4000H is an advanced multi-spectrum inf...

LISTED UNDER: Fire Alert Systems

S4000CH Combustible Gas Detector

Operators at remote liquefied natural gas (LNG) production sites who rely on portable or skid mount vaporizer production equipment will find General Monitors provides comprehensive gas and flame monitoring to prevent accidental explosions and fires. Gas wells are typically drilled at remote sites. Often times it is a result of either the location of the gas, proximity to the public or a com...

LISTED UNDER: ALARMS combustible gases

Stainless Steel CleanSeam Pass-Through

With optimal cleanliness as a priority, the easy-to-clean interior forgoes spot welded seams, internal cracks, or horizontal surfaces, such as non-isolated i...

LISTED UNDER: Laboratory Safety Equipment


The ValvEx is designed to prevent flame and pressure propagation through pipes, ducts or conveying lines to interconnected process equipment or operating locations. Several years of dedicated research has resulted in unique insights into mechanisms of explosion propagation and efficiency of passive explosion isolation. The ValvEx consists of a heavy duty co...


Rocker 430 Vacuum/Pressure Piston Pump

New Star Environmental is pleased to introduce the Rocker 430 Vacuum/Pressure Pump that is driven by pistons without the need of lubricant, regular oil changes or maintenance and produces no oil mist exhaust. The Rocker pump is equipped with a Prote filter cartridge that can prevent large amounts of liquid from entering the pump. It also filters particles and moisture to prolong the service...


Handheld Formaldehyde Meter/Monitor HFX205

Formaldehyde (HCHO) is one of the most commonly used poisonous substances found in daily life and industry. The HFX205 Formaldehyde Monitor is designed for use in a wide variety of applications such as furniture, floorboards, wallpapers, paint, gardening, indoor decorations, construction, dye stuffs, paper manufacture, pharmaceutical, medical, food, cleaning, synthetic...

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PathFinder, a new line of wayfinding products from Graphic Products, helps organize workflow and create barriers between workers and potential hazards. The wide variety of tapes offer visual communication solutions to designate forklift zones, add traction to slippery steps, light darkened hallways, and convey safety messages when and where workers need it most. ...


Echo Printer

Graphic Products has released Echo, a large format printer, scanner, and enlarger capable of printing large-scale banners in just minutes. The inkless poster printer is environmentally friendly using thermal printing technology instead of messy inkjet or toner to flawlessly create engaging educational materials for schools, visitor’s information for government buildings, and imperative safety...


New PIRANHA Grounding Clamp

Businesses with HAZLOC atmospheres are exposed to the risk of static electricity igniting flammable gas, vapor and dust atmospheres. This ignition risk can be eliminated by ensuring equipment is bonded and grounded in accordance with NFPA 77 “Recommended Practice on Static Electricity”. The new PIRANHA grounding clamp, by Newson Gale Inc., is designed to eliminate such fire and explosion risks.

LISTED UNDER: Instrumentation & Controls | FIRE SUPPRESSION systems

450-Watt Explosion-Proof LED With I-Beam Mount

Larson Electronics announces the release of an explosion-proof high-bay light fixture.

LISTED UNDER: Safety | Plant Safety Equipment | Personal Safety

150-Watt LED Light Fixture

Larson Electronics offers their Class 2 Division 1 explosion-proof high-bay light fixture for hazardous locations.


Explosion-Proof LED With 360-Degree Visibility

Larson Electronics announces the release of a new four-foot explosion-proof portable LED flood lighting system.

LISTED UNDER: Plant Safety Equipment | Personal Safety

Color Label Printer

Primera Technology, Inc. announced its LX900 Color Label Printer, which produces labels at speeds of up to 4.5" per second.

LISTED UNDER: Safety | Material safety data sheet management

Fire-Safe Globe Valves

Conval offers Clampseal fire-safe globe valves for refining and chemical plants where fire safety is a major concern. 

LISTED UNDER: Valves (Gauge - Pinch) | VALVES, globe | Safety


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