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Multi-Agitator Planetary Mixer And Disperser

Ross has expanded its most advanced planetary mixer line, the PDDM, to include larger working capacities up to 750 gallons. The PDDM is a multi-agitator mixer featuring two planetary stirrer blades and two high speed disperser shafts. Designed for highly viscous and highly filled applications, the hybrid planetary mixer/disperser can quickly incorporate large amounts of dry ingredients into...

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Explosion-proof High Speed Dispersers

Suitable for use in hazardous environments where flammable vapors, liquids, solids and/or dusts are present, these mixers include grounding systems designed to ensure that the vessel is properly grounded before the agitator is allowed to operate. The control panel features Start,...

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Ross Batch High Shear Mixers

The Ross Batch High Shear Mixer is an essential tool for general purpose mixing, powder wet-out, deagglomeration, dispersion, emulsification and homogenization.

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Ribbon Blenders

Engineered for high-productivity 24/7 operation, Ross Ribbon Blenders are manufactured in standard and sanitary designs with customizable features for increased reliability of solid-solid and solid-liquid blending operations.

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Double Planetary Mixer

Unlike double-arm or sigma-blade mixers (kneaders/extruders), the Double Planetary Mixer has no packing glands or bearings submerged in the product zone...

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VersaMix Multi-Shaft Mixer for Viscous Applications

The VersaMix multi-agitator system features a two-wing anchor, a gate agitator and a high speed disperser. Ideal for processing viscous pastes and slurries, the new VersaMix delivers a unique combination of low, intermediate and high shear rates. Each agitator is independently-driven, imparting a wide range of mixing intensities and flow patterns...


PowerMix Planetary Disperser

The Ross PowerMix Planetary Disperser (US Patent No. 4,697,929) is designed for efficient heavy-duty mixing of viscous pastes and highly-filled dispersions. Equipped with a high speed saw-tooth blade and a planetary stirrer, the PowerMix can quickly incorporate large amounts of powders into a thick or ...

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Multi-Shaft Mixers With Interchangeable Vessels And Special Cover

Ross Multi-Shaft Mixers supplied with interchangeable mixing vessels now come with an optional special cover equipped with propeller blades to ensure product uniformity during storage and discharge. Shown are 15-gallon Multi-Shaft Mixers featuring a three-wing anchor agitator, high speed disperser and rotor/stator emulsifier. Mounted on the mixer cover is a h...

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Teflon-Lined Double Planetary Mixer

The Ross Double Planetary Mixer lined with Teflon is ideal for high-purity applications, providing superior chemical and corrosive resistance where stainless steel is not compatible. Highly versatile, the Double Planetary Mixer can process viscous pastes and dough-like materials as easily as it can prepare dry powder blends and wet granulations. It provides gentle but thorough agitation...

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Vacuum High Speed Disperser

The new Ross Model HSM-100LH-3 Vacuum High Speed Disperser is designed for laboratory and pilot-scale mixing of batches up to 5 gallons. It can be supplied with a vacuum-rated mix vessel including a heating/cooling jacket and mixer cover with sight/charge ports. Interchangeable saw-tooth disperser blades are available (2", 3", 3.5" and 4" diameter), suitable for variable speed operation up to 4...

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Ribbon Blender

Large-scale Ross Ribbon Blenders built up to 1,000 cu.ft. working capacity are ideal for high-volume production of powder blends, pastes and slurries. These versatile blenders can also function as vacuum dryers and are engineered for fast mixing, convenient discharge, easy cleaning ...


Ross Multi-Shaft Mixer

The Multi-Shaft Mixer is equipped with a helical ribbon agitator for excellent top-to-bottom mixing of viscous pastes, gels and dense suspensions. Two other agitators – a sawtooth blade and a three-wing anchor – deliver high-speed dispersion and very thorough product turnover. This Multi-Shaft Mixer is extremely versatile in adapting to multiple applications, fine-tuning shear...


Double Shaft Batch Mixer

Gericke introduces the GMS 140 C double shaft mixer, featuring a usable volume of 40 to 100 liters ideal for premixing and small production batches.


Small Batch Mixer

The GMS 140 C small batch mixer is the latest addition to the assortment of Gericke Multiflux mixers distributed by Power Technologies, Inc. 


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