NATCHEZ, Miss. (AP) — Adams County hopes to advertise for bids in April for port improvement construction related to a biofuels project.

Elevance Renewable Sciences Inc. announced in 2011 its plans to convert the Delta BioFuels plant into a bio-refinery, in which fuels and other chemicals will be produced from organic matter. The company — which makes chemical ingredients for personal care products, detergents, plastics and lubricants — said it will invest more than $225 million in the project.

Since then, the company says it has spent about $1 million on improvements to the plant.

Elevance has committed to bringing 165 permanent jobs to Adams County.

Adams County is going to build a liquid loading dock for loading and unloading chemicals.

Natchez Inc. Executive Director Chandler Russ told the Natchez Democrat ( that the country could solicit bids in April, award the bid in May or June and begin construction shortly thereafter.

He said Elevance should begin construction on its end of the project in the next six months, which means the county's construction should begin sometime shortly before that.

"Our construction needs to be in conjunction with them, meaning that basically by the time they are done with their construction, we need to be done with ours so they can utilize the facilities," he said.

The estimated cost for the liquid loading dock is $4 million, though that will ultimately depend on the bids submitted.

As the project moves forward, the company plans to use rail, barge and truck traffic to move its products from the port.


Information from: The Natchez Democrat,