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WOLF: Very close. He only had 14 points but he had 11 assists and eight rebounds. So, he is passing up the ball, feeding the ball and getting rebounds. I mean, this is a new role for Kobe Bryant instead of 30 and 35 points.

IMUS: And what does he care if they win or maybe he does care?

WOLF: Well, it looks like he does.

IMUS: He does, what?

WOLF: He does care. I mean, he is passing up, this is good. I think it is a nice story, that a superstar like that would pass up --

IMUS: It makes me feel good.

WOLF: The last thing, I saw, remember Rich Ackerman used to work for WFAN?

IMUS: Oh, sure.

WOLF: So, ask him about that Francesca story on


WOLF: And he said, no, no. He said, as far as the police escort from the studio to the airport, no, he said, what happened? He had airport, my Francesca had airport security personnel escort him to the plane once he was inside the airport.


WOLF: So that report from dead skin was not accurate.

MCGUIRK: I also read it on shorts illustrated. Good point.

RUFINO: Hey, where did you see that one?

IMUS: It was Francesca's show yesterday on the Yes Network.

MCGUIRK: Did he not mention it?

IMUS: No, he did not. He was all over the A-Rod story. And I don't know. So, between that, the NFL Network and ESPN.

MCSHANE: Yes, big day.

IMUS: That was pretty much --

MCGUIRK: You had it all covered I-man.

IMUS: Yes. So, that stuff is tough to watch. Although, I did -- I'll tell you who is good, Deion Sanders. That guy is good.

MCSHANE: Good personality. Prime time.

IMUS: So, none of them are terrible.

MCSHANE: Some of them might be.

IMUS: There's a couple things I saw yesterday, really brutal.

MCSHANE: Disturbing.

IMUS: So, don't know how they got their jobs.

MCSHANE: You can't get it out of your head.

IMUS: All right. Yes, it is just -- colors the way you think about stuff. This is just talking to Lou and Bernie about it this morning and it's just awful.


IMUS: All right. Twenty seven after the hour. Anything else?

WOLF: Well, I will end with the downer. That snowmobiler, Caleb Moore.

IMUS: Yes.

WOLF: It's not good.

IMUS: Yes.

WOLF: Remains in critical condition. Remember last Thursday, he crashed, there's no mobile and they rolled on top of him. And the family says it is almost certain he is not going to make it. So, Caleb Moore in the X Games.

IMUS: Twenty eight after the hour on the IMUS IN THE MORNING program. Bernie has a briefing coming up. What's there, Bernie?

MCGUIRK: We have Al Gore and David Letterman, boss. Colin Powell will get tasty with Bill O'Reilly, Gohmert Pyle gets married, Jimmy Kimmel, Hillary Clinton, Conan O'Brien, all kinds of stuff, boss.

IMUS: Well, actually, I forgot about the O'Reilly/Colin Powell interview. So, is O'Reilly jumped ugly with him or? It was a spirited exchange, let's put it that way.

IMUS: And then what Colin Powell cop an attitude or?

MCGUIRK: I would not say a bad. No. He answered questions but it was good. It was lively.

IMUS: Well, he just said, he got tasty.

MCGUIRK: That's right. I'm going to leave it at tasty.

IMUS: Oh, OK. This is on my rodeo play list. I've never heard this play on the radio but let.



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MACEDO: Good morning, everyone. I'm Diane Macedo. And the government watch dog says, it looks like taxpayers will lose $27 billion from the 2008 financial bailout. The report by the especial inspector for the troubled asset relief program says, it increased the estimate from $22 billion in the fall due to increased government losses on sales of bailed out companies. Some shares the government hasn't sold yet, allied financial General Motors former financial divisions still, it was $14.5 billion of the roughly 17 billion, in 88 receives.

IMUS IN THE MORNING continues right now on FOX Business.


IMUS: We'll have business news and here with that is Dagen McDowell. Good morning, Dagen.

MCSHANE: Well, hold on a second.

IMUS: Dagen?

MCSHANE: That's my fault.

MCDOWELL: That is Connell's fault. You're trying to talk to me earlier --

MCSHANE: Hold on a second. Let's start again, I-man.


IMUS: I love the idea.


.that you have, control over her microphone, Connell.

MCSHANE: Let's try it again, I-man.

IMUS: All right.


MCDOWELL: Good morning, sir.


IMUS: This is great.

MCDOWELL: It's nice to see someone has more estrogen than I do.

MCSHANE: I love that job, so much fun. This is business relate taken, hurry up.

IMUS: Yes, come on, hurry up.

RUFINO: Relate taken, hurry up.



IMUS: We don't have time for all of this.

MCDOWELL: OK. We have time to look at Connell's cavs in the morning.

MCSHANE: That's right.

IMUS: Twenty five until the hour here on the IMUS IN THE MORNING program. This portion of the program sponsored by the Hackensack University Medical Center, a place where medicine beats innovation. I don't know. So, what I'm supposed to do if you two are so irresponsible that you can't get to work on time when every Theresa downstairs, she lives where you live, Staten Island, she gets to work, yes, of course. So, you have no excuse. And you -- he lives on Long Island. How is it that you two are the only two people out of everybody here?

BARTLETT: The traffic was obviously different when he came in and I came in.

MCSHANE: I was in earlier then than Rob every morning.

BARTLETT: I mean, that is, you know, was not -- obviously it was not an intentional act.

IMUS: OK. So, here is your punishment.

MCSHANE: And don't think you can do it sarcastically. You have to write flattering things about me in the inside the blog thing instead of the awful things that you write about me. You are fired. How does that sound? See if they want to hire you.

POWELL: I will miss you.

IMUS: Well, OK, fine. So, he is fired.

MCSHANE: And Rob will be writing --

IMUS: You should be writing yourself, right?

MCSHANE: Without a doubt.


IMUS: You don't want to write that?

BARTLETT: I will do whatever it will take.

MCSHANE: I will write anything.

BARTLETT: I have many bills and children still yet to go through college.

IMUS: He told it's fine, he doesn't have to worry about that, so.

BARTLETT: He saved his money.

IMUS: Yes, OK. Good. All right. Time for a Bernie briefing, 23 until the hour. And with that Bernard McGuirk. Good morning, B.

MCGUIRK: Good morning, boss. Former Vice President Al Gore, he's got a new book out and it's all about the great masseuses of our time called Robin tag.


MCGUIRK: And he's got a foreword written by John Travolta by the way.

MCSHANE: Perfect.

MCGUIRK: And has a happy ending. Believe it or not. So, anyway, yesterday he is on with Matt Lauer and he's talking about his new book on climate change and of course, he sold al-Jazeera, he sold his TV Network, Current TV to al-Jazeera which is funded by big oil and this is how he explains the hypocrisy on all of that stuff. Take a listen to him with Matt Lauer.


FMR. VICE PRES. AL GORE, UNITED STATES: I certainly understand that criticism. I disagree with it. Because I think al-Jazeera has obviously long since established itself as a really distinguished and effective news gathering organization. And by the way, its climate coverage has been far more extensive and of high-quality --


MCGUIRK: Oh, God! Just talk about one of the most unlikable people ever to enter politics and exit politics.

IMUS: Ever to be born.

IMUS: That God created.

MCGUIRK: He's down with John Edwards this guy and in any case, Matt Lauer never asked him about the fact that al-Jazeera is an America hating, Jew hating terrorist loving network that you sold it the country out, your quisling but he went on David Letterman last night, did Al Gore, Letterman wasn't as charitable as Matt Lauer. So, anyway, take a listen to David Letterman questioning Al Gore on al-Jazeera.


MATT LAUER, NBC ANCHOR: Now, why do we think of al-Jazeera as something not right going on there in terms of the good for Americans? Why do we think that they may be propaganda for Muslim violence and terrorism?

GORE: Well, it is certainly not. And many years ago, it put some videos on in the Arabic version that I think were misinterpreted. But the Al- Jazeera English and now al-Jazeera America really high quality stuff.


MCGUIRK: Great stuff. Never answer the question. Anyway, the two of them went out and got massages afterwards and this guy is making the rounds and it is just gross, it's what it is, chief.

And Colin Powell last night, as you know boss has been going around talking about the Republican Party, he voted for Obama the last two times. Lot of people say, you know republican, what's up with that? Anyway, he went on with O'Reilly, O'Reilly challenged him and all that.

And O'Reilly made the claim, or he repeated the claim that Colin Powell was bitter because he got stung by the weapons of mass destruction thing, he did Cheney's bidding and he looks bad in the eyes of his liberal friends and that's why he's hammering Republicans and he responded as follows. Colin Powell.

That is a bunch of nonsense. I presented the information we all had from the intelligence community and when I went to the U.N., it was with the assurance of the CIA that the information I had was correct. Mr. Cheney had the same information, the President did, all of our commanders thought it was correct and we all were saying so, the Congress voted on the basis of that information four months earlier before I spoke. And so, I made a choice based on the information I had and I don't have.

IMUS: Of course, we were saying on this program that there weren't any weapons of mass destruction. And Bernard was the first to say it, it was nonsense. How is it that that we knew? How did we know and they did know? Can you explain that to me, Bernie? Go ahead.

MCGUIRK: I can't explain it. I can't explain it. But he wasn't finished. He did get a little testy towards the end of that clip. But in any case, it doesn't matter. Jimmy Kimmel, boss --

IMUS: Well, I want to see where he got testy?

MCSHANE: You probably have to play the whole thing.

MCGUIRK: Yes, it's too long, man.

IMUS: How testy did he get?

MCGUIRK: You know, just a little bit. I don't have to answer silly stupid questions like that or something, that's what he said.

IMUS: Oh, he did? What did Bill say?

MCGUIRK: That was the end of the interview right there.

IMUS: It was?

MCGUIRK: Yes. But you had to be there, I guess, boss.


MCGUIRK: Anyway, let's jump to Jimmy Kimmel here.

IMUS: All right.

MCGUIRK: Here we go. A couple of jokes from your friend Jimmy Kimmel.


JIMMY KIMMEL, STAND-UP COMEDIAN: In China, they are about to premiere a new sitcom. I didn't even know they had sitcoms in China but this sitcom is based on the show friends. The Chinese saw how popular friends became in the United States and only 18-and-a-half years later decided to make their own version of it. The Chinese friends won't be called friends though. It will be called six lazy people who did not respect the wishes of their elders.


Apple unveiled a new version of the iPad today. This iPad has all the same features as the last iPad plus more memory. Not enough memory to remember you just bought a new iPad two months ago but more memory. It has double the storage the capacity of the previous model, 128 gigabytes and it comes with a trash can to store all the iPads that you already have.


MCSHANE: Pretty good, right?

MCGUIRK: And a good time was had by all.

IMUS: Well, I want to see the end of the Colin Powell thing.

MCSHANE: I know that's what you were thinking.

RUFINO: Of course, that's not legal.

MCSHANE: The only thing he was thinking about.

IMUS: Can we do that?

BOWMAN: Yes, I got it.

IMUS: All right. Let me hear.


COLIN POWELL, FORMER U.S. SECRETARY OF STATE: That is a bunch of nonsense. I presented the information that we all had from the intelligence community and when I went to U.N., it was with the assurance of the CIA that the information I had was correct.

Mr. Cheney use that same information, the President did, all of our commanders thought it was correct and we all were saying so. The Congress voted on the basis of that information four months earlier before I spoke. And so, I made a choice based on the information I had and I don't have to answer idiotic questions like that one about whether I am mad at somebody.


MCGUIRK: There you go.

MCSHANE: It was an idiotic question.

MCGUIRK: That's it.

IMUS: Well, when Connell Powell said, I don't have to answer idiotic questions like that, what did Bill say?

MCGUIRK: Well, Bill couched in such a way, he says that, you know the criticism, or the speculation that is out there, it wasn't to direct a question from him.

IMUS: Oh, I see.

MCGUIRK: So he just threw it out there and then that was the response and then they moved on. Actually, that was the end of the interview right there.


IMUS: You do?


IMUS: All right. Sixteen until the hour. This is cut one on my rodeo favorites. The great Delbert McClinton.


IMUS: Your five minute from being rolled out of here on a Hannibal lector hand truck.

ANNOUNCER: The wild west of talk radio. IMUS IN THE MORNING.


MACEDO: Hi, everyone. We just got some earnings in from Chrysler, the Chrysler group says, fourth quarter net income came in at $378 million at 68 percent from $225 million a year, earlier fourth quarter revenue came in at $17.15 billion and that beat last year's $15.13 billion.

Research in Motion unveils its new blackberry 10 phone and operating system today in New York, the long overdue makeover comes as RIM hopes to close way back into an industry now dominated by Apple's iPhone and Samsung galaxy. The Blackberry 10 has created a buzz among the technology watchers and financial analysts are starting to see some room for a Blackberry come back here. So, we will keep you posted on how that goes.

In the meantime, let's get the latest on weather now from meteorologist Maria Molina in our FOX Business Weather Center. Hey, Maria.

MARIA MOLINA, METEOROLOGIST: Hey, good morning, Diane. Good to see you. Good morning, everyone. And today, we have some very tough whether to deal with out across a big chunk of the country, stretching from portions of the South up into the Great Lakes. We've had reports of basically over 200 reports of severe weather, at least one person dead already and also some tornadic activity ongoing even early this morning with five tornado watches in effect stretching from parts of Alabama, Mississippi, up into portions of the state of West Virginia. On the backside of the storm system, Diane, we even have some snow, which is eight inches of the possible across Iowa into Wisconsin. So, a lot of tough weather early this morning. Please be safe, everyone.

MACEDO: All right. We hope everybody's careful out there. Maria Molina from the Weather Center. Thanks, Maria.

MOLINA: Thanks, Diane. Let's take a look at futures now, we're looking at green arrows across the board fairly flat but the Dow futures are up three points. The S&P is up a quarter of a point. And the NASDAQ is up three as well.

IMUS IN THE MORNING continues right now on FOX Business.


MACEDO: Good morning, everyone. I'm Diane Macedo. Let's take a look at the markets now. In Asia, they ended the day higher after strong U.S. earnings out weight sagging consumer confidence. The Nikkei finished the day at its highest level in 33 months. In Europe, the European Commission monthly measure of confidence in the Eurozone rose for a third straight month but Spain's GDP contracted by 0.7 percent in the final three months of last year, stocks there are currently mixed, you have London up slightly but Paris and Frankfurt are both down.

Meanwhile, checking out U.S. futures, we've got some weak numbers there as well, Dow futures are unchanged, the S&P also flat and the NASDAQ is up by two, we will continue to keep an eye on those.

Chrysler group has coming with the fourth quarter net income of $378 million, that's up 68 percent from $225 million a year earlier. Fourth quarter revenue came in at $17.15 billion, that beat last year's $15.13 billion.

Let's take a look at commodities now. Oil and gold have been up this morning, we have oil now up by about $0.36 cents, gold is up almost three bucks.

IMUS IN THE MORNING continues right now on FOX Business.

IMUS: You know, here is the thing that I --


MCSHANE: Now what?

IMUS: You two are a couple of pansies.

MCSHANE: Oh, man!

BARTLETT: What do you mean pansies?

IMUS: You just are.

BARTLETT: You want us to get like all defiant and have Tony get all, you know, Eldridge Cleaver and fight back? You know, we know when the I-man is in a bad mood just to leave him alone.

IMUS: No, no. Here is the point. I am in constant pain. Are you aware of that?


BARTLETT: No, you never mentioned it.

IMUS: I am in constant pain and I am dead tired.


IMUS: And I am 72.


IMUS: I spent half of my time in a jet flying back and forth to Texas and I am tired.



BARTLETT: Why don't you buy a whole new set of blood and just get a transfusion? You can do that.

IMUS: You know, Rob, you are going to need new blood because I'm going to stab you with this.

BARTLETT: I am begging you to stab me right now.

IMUS: Why?

BARTLETT: I am begging you.

IMUS: Why would you want me to?

BARTLETT: Because you will see what will happen.


POWELL: Now who is the pansy?


MCSHANE: Don't do anything else. That's all right.

IMUS: Well, when you put it that way. Hey, Carley. Go get Bo on the phone.

POWELL: Does he still have Mango (ph) brothers?

IMUS: Of course. He's always the Mango brothers.

BARTLETT: You met the Mango brothers? Like two blocks of granite, literally. Shoulders like this.

POWELL: What is it that they do?

IMUS: They hard pick, that is what they do.


DON IMUS, IMUS IN THE MORNING: This is the IMUS IN THE MORNING program on the Fox Business Network. And now here's Diane Macedo.


Chrysler group is reporting a fourth quarter net income of $378 million, up 68 percent from the $225 million a year ago. Revenue rose to $17.15 billion compared to just over $15 billion last year. The automaker says it expects to earn a net income of $2.2 billion in 2013.

We're set to get two pieces of economic data before the opening bell this morning including the first look at growth in the fourth quarter. Analysts expect Gross Domestic Product to rise just 1.1 percent for the quarter due to businesses adding less stock to their warehouses and cuts in government spending. That would be the slowest growth rate in nearly two years and a big drop from the 3.1 percent we saw in the third quarter. That number comes our way at 8:30 Eastern.

Shortly before that at 8:15 we'll get the ADP private sector payroll report for January 165,000 jobs are expected to have been added this month down from $215,000 in December. That report comes ahead of the important monthly jobs report which is released on Friday. That report is expected to show the economy added 160,000 non-farm jobs while the unemployment rate is expected to stay at 7.8 percent.

Checking the markets now here in the U.S. futures are fairly flat this morning, Dow and S&P at exactly that unchanged line, the NASDAQ is up just two points there. In Europe we also have been seeing huge volatility there. The European Commission's monthly measure of confidence in the Eurozone rose for a third straight month but Spain's GDP contracted by 0.7 percent in the final three months of last year and that has markets there fairly flat as well. London is up about four points Paris and Frankfurt are both to the downside.

Let's take a close look though of what's moving those markets now with Jane Foley, senior currency strategist at Rabobank in London. Jane the chief executive of Pinco is warning David Cameron get a Plan B in place to limit the impact on the economy if the U.K. were to exit the E.U. Now how real is the possibility of that exit? And do you agree that Cameron needs a Plan B?

JANE FOLEY, SENIOR CURRENCY STRATEGIST AT RABOBANK: Well perhaps he does. But of course, if there is a referendum about the U.K's situation within the E.U. it won't happen until at least 2017 or thereabouts. So this is something which will be a long time brewing and certainly won't come to a conclusion soon.

But there is also a talk about Plan B in the U.K. with respect to the government needing that because of its budget guidelines. And that is perhaps something which is a lot more present to the market right now. There are fears that the government could continue failing to hit its debt reduction target and that the U.K. could lose its AAA credit rating. So, lots have talked about Plan B for the U.K. all around.

MACEDO: Yes and speaking of fears Jane investors though seem pretty cautious ahead of this U.S. fed -- of this U.S. Fed call. I wonder what is it that investors are hoping to hear from the Central Bank today.

FOLEY: Well of course most economists expect that the fed will just reiterate this very accumulative policy stunt after all the Fed has indicated that it's got a long way to go in terms of these and before that unemployment rate drops. And we don't think that the fed could step away from easing -- quantitative easing until the end of the year bearing in mind its commitment to the unemployment rate in the U.S.

But of course there's been a lot of optimism in the market this year. Yields have been rising and core asset markets has been looking for higher yield in assets to put its money on and some people think perhaps the fed could begin to become a bit more hawkish over the next couple of months.

MACEDO: All right, that's Jane Foley of Rabobank in London. We always appreciate it Jane, thanks.

FOLEY: Thank you.

MACEDO: And we have earnings in now from Northrop Grumman, the defense contractor is reporting a profit of $2.06 a share topping the estimates for a $1.74, revenue came in that was also a beat $6.48 billion the estimate was $6.33 billion.

We also have earnings in from Rockwell Automation. That company is reporting a profit of adjusted $1.23 a share. The estimate there was $1.27. Revenue came in a slight beat at $1.49 billion beating the estimates by $1.48 billion. That was the estimate, $1.48 billion.

Meanwhile, it looks like UPS's effort required TNT Express is officially dead. As expected E.U. antitrust regulators have blocked UPS's $7 billion bid to acquire the Dutch shipping company saying the proposed merger would have reduced competition in 15 E.U. countries. Earlier this month UPS said it would withdraw its offer because of E.U. regulators' concerns. The deal would give the company access to TNT stronger networks and fast-growing Asian and Latin American markets.

Here's a look at commodities. Oil and gold are up at the moment. We have oil up by about 32 cents, gold is up $3.

IMUS IN THE MORNING continues right now on Fox Business.


IMUS: Well you know Dr. Bill Evans if you can talk to him live he's pretty good. Isn't he?




RUFINO: Yes that really --

IMUS: Try to get Dr. Bill when that whole Lis show thing was going down over there.

MCSHANE: In the overnight it will be 46.

IMUS: If -- well, he could have told me has was a gynecologist and a little mental action there, right Dagen or no?


IMUS: Sure.

MCDOWELL: If you want to go around bragging about not being or being a gynecologist.

IMUS: Yes that's a good point.

MCSHANE: He's a good doctor.

MCDOWELL: Every man thinks he's a gynecologist by the way.

IMUS: Sure so Dr. Bill Evans who lives in old Greenwich, Connecticut -- it's a beautiful area up there.


IMUS: Every (inaudible) -- he managed to make it to work on time.

MCSHANE: He indeed yes.

IMUS: But you two didn't.

ROB BARTLETT, IMUS IN THE MORNING: He wasn't having to drive on the L-I-E.


IMUS: Well no --

BARTLETT: Behind somebody who is doing 40 miles an hour with their blinkers on in the left lane.

IMUS: The L-I-E doesn't go to Connecticut.

BARTLETT: That's true, that will be the difference why he got on time.

TONY POWELL, IMUS IN THE MORNING: Staten Island express way is the parking lot. Quote, unquote, "It is blocked up from Fort Hamilton, right up to the Battery Tunnel" quote, unquote. "Parking lot from Staten Island, parking lot in Brooklyn" quote, unquote. Now, Teresa got to work on time.

IMUS: Yes.


POWELL: Yes she did, what time she leaves.

IMUS: She comes in at 2:00 in the morning.

POWELL: 2:00 in the morning.

IMUS: Well ok.

MCSHANE: Not many shows have a --


IMUS: So Warner --