SOA Software, a leading provider of SOA governance, cloud and enterprise API management products, announced today that it is releasing a new version of its Policy Manager software with expanded security features for IBM WebSphere DataPower. The new product greatly simplifies DataPower administration by automating complex security and provisioning scenarios. This lowers the total cost of ownership, speeds up service deployment, and lowers risk.

Security contracts are a foundational requirement for any SOA infrastructure, as they help to ensure that the massive number of complex transactions between consumers and providers are managed effectively. Policy Manager allows non-technical users to manage the security and other aspects of these transactions through the automation of contract enforcement through SOA Software's DataPower governance solutions.

Enterprises use DataPower to expose services that ultimately create new relationships with their customers and partners, and contracts govern these relationships. With SOA Software's Policy Manager for DataPower, customers can now govern these relationships on the DataPower appliance in a secure, automated, cost effective, and efficient manner.

"Enterprises are using DataPower to expose services that create new relationships with their customers and partners," said Alistair Farquharson, CTO, SOA Software. "Without centralized contract-based management to govern these relationships, enterprises are left with error-prone, manual, and ultimately unmanageable methods for provisioning and enforcing these relationships on the DataPower platform."

The SOA Software team undertook the enhancement of security features for DataPower working from the premise that an SOA is fundamentally contract based. With this release, users will be able to take advantage of workflow-driven contract definition and enforcement within an overall policy-driven approach to SOA security for DataPower. Policy Manager now also removes the need for security integration to be manually coded into the DataPower appliance, which reduces a major security risk in the process. Coding, specialized configuration for security, and lengthy implementation projects for securing Web services on DataPower are no longer needed. Other security upgrades to Policy Manager for DataPower include automated configuration of industry standard WS-Security Policy, built in support for X509 authentication and augmentation of DataPower error processing to support SOA level fault processing.

Policy Manager for IBM WebSphere DataPower's support for deploying standards-based WS-Security Policy from Policy Manager to the DataPower appliance is fully integrated with DataPower's AAA policies and DataPower's built in WS-Security Policy support to enable robust and comprehensive security use cases. With these features customers can easily implement highly secure DataPower service interactions across a wide number of services, consumers, and provider organizations.

SOA Software is a longtime IBM Partner offering specialized solutions for DataPower. Deep integration with IBM WebSphere DataPower appliances provides customers with the ability to control the DataPower Appliance directly from the Policy Manager console, without the need to duplicate configuration manually. This provides customers with a 'one-click' management strategy leveraging DataPower as the runtime and the SOA Software's Policy Manager as the source of service and policy information as well as the reporting console for the monitoring data. SOA Software's Policy Manager is unique in its ability to manage the catalog of services, drive policy definition and distribution, and collect and display monitoring data for the DataPower devices, which provides end-to-end policy enforcement and transaction monitoring

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