Company announces licensing agreement with UKs Balcas, Ltd., for moulding and trim

Orlando, Fla., Feb. 10, 2012 Eastman Chemical Company today announced a strategic collaboration in the form of a significant license agreement with Balcas, Ltd., a leading manufacturer of millwork in Ireland and the United Kingdom.  The agreement gives Balcas the exclusive use of Eastman Cerfis" technology to manufacture moulding and trim products in that geography.

Eastman Cerfis" technology enables a superior surface that can be used with a variety of substrates and coatings.  It maintains a consistent geometry and surface finish on any profile and provides dimensional stability and reduced warping and twisting.  It has no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and it is more durable and moisture resistant than most commercial paints.

In addition to the excitement of a collaboration with one of Europes leading millwork manufacturers, this agreement is an ideal example of the growth Eastman is enjoying in the building products category in the U.S. and abroad, said Jim Mercer, director of Eastmans Polymers Innovations Division.  Historically, advancements in coating technology, such as MDF- (medium density fiberboard-) coated flooring, have come from Europe.  Its exciting to be sending some innovation in the other direction.

Mercer also noted that Balcas is reporting strong interest in the technology from its customers in both the do-it-yourself and builder channels and has indicated there are several leading retail and other entities eager to offer the product in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

David Gill, managing director of Balcas Kildare, Ltd., said the application of Eastman Cerfis" technology completes a quest the company has been on for 20 years.

After pioneering the primed MDF moulding industry in Europe about 25 years ago, we feel that this technology is the most significant step forward within that time, he said.  Eastman Cerfis" technology is a much more durable and superior finish than any of the established moulded products in the market today.

Gill also explained that the product is ideal for typical installations in Europe.

This product is so much easier to use than traditional moulding, providing cleaner fixing and installation processes for DIYers and the house builder, he said. Simply put, Cerfis" is a quantum leap forward in quality and aesthetics.

Millwork and trim with Eastman Cerfis" technology will be available through Balcas later this year.