PHILADELPHIA (Sept. 14 , 2011) The U. S.…

PHILADELPHIA (Sept. 14 , 2011) The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency announced

today that U.S. Army Garrison in Fort Belvoir has agreed to pay a civil penalty of $33,076 and complete a project costing at least $310,000 to settle alleged violations of federal environmental laws. The Fort is located at 9820 Flagler Road, Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

The settlement addresses storage and record-keeping violations related to hazardous waste, underground storage tanks, and clean air requirements.

EPA alleged that the Army installation:

- did not comply with all of the measures required for proper management of hazardous waste;

- failed to have adequate release detection with respect to piping associated with underground storage tanks;

- operated an incinerator at temperatures below the minimum allowed; and

- failed to maintain adequate service records regarding appliances containing 50 or more pounds of ozone depleting refrigerants.