Vacon will be attending the 2010 Energy Event on 8-9 September to demonstrate the Vacon 100 HVAC drive designed to save energy in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning applications.

The company's prime focus at the event is on practical and affordable ways of applying the latest AC variable-speed drive technology to save energy and cut carbon emissions.

Vacon experts will be on hand to explain how much energy can be saved in real-life situations and discuss specific applications.

The company said that energy savings of 30 per cent or more are readily achievable in many HVAC applications where fixed-speed starters are currently used.

Even where older variable-speed drives are already being used, upgrading to the latest technology can still yield significant savings as well as boosting the reliability and flexibility of the HVAC installation, according to Vacon.

The Vacon 100 HVAC drive is available with power ratings from 1.1kW up to 160kW.

It incorporates a range of functions specifically designed to aid energy saving, including a real-time clock, a kWh energy monitor and a sleep option to eliminate downtime energy usage.

The drives also feature two integral PID loops and a multi-pump control facility.

Integration with building management systems is made easy by the provision of RS485 and Ethernet interfaces that are Modbus and BACnet compatible.

To ensure that smoke exhaust fans function, the Vacon 100 HVAC overrides the self-protection and motor protection diagnostics with its in-built fire mode software.