Pavilion Energy Resources, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: PVRE) -- The Company is moving aggressively to expand operations globally in proposed partnerships with governments worldwide who are interested in developing cheaper renewable energy technology.

PVRE is a 25% partner in a JV which lodged proposals with various State Governments in Australia to develop giant wind power projects in regional "Wind Energy Kitchens."

The announcement by the Australian federal government to fund $1.1 billion for renewable energy technology and electricity grids has encouraged PVRE to pursue funding and projects opportunities there.

The JV has proposed to build very large wind power plants providing clean power at a lower cost, to enable Australian industries and consumers to switch from dirty coal power to cheaper clean wind power.

BP's devastating Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster means investors are switching to renewable energy stocks as they realize that risky fossil fuel energy companies can destroy the environment and instantly collapse shareholder value.

PVRE's Jet-Speed, Accelerated Wind Power technology JV could potentially shake up the world's energy-cost equation. Breakthrough accelerating wind power technology promises to increase wind energy capture efficiency and dramatically lower production costs; finally making wind power cheaper than fossil fuels.

PVRE proposes nations jointly conduct a sustained build-out of large-scale, cheaper, accelerated wind power plants worldwide.

Additional nation-changing "Big Wind" proposals are in preparation.

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