Advertisement Reveals Five Commonly Misdiagnosed Vehicle Symptoms and Repairs

CARSON, Calif., Aug. 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- With so many things that can go wrong with today's complex vehicles and, until now, so little information readily available, car owners often find themselves playing a guessing game with symptoms before they reach the repair shop (and even after they've received the official diagnosis). With this in mind,'s ( team of expert mechanics has released a list of five Commonly Misdiagnosed Vehicle Symptoms to help car owners understand that sometimes a squeak is just a squeak -- and sometimes it can mean a lot more.

But, how can you be sure what's really wrong?

Unless you're a certified mechanic or a truly expert DIYer, you can't; but, by doing your homework online, you can narrow down the possibilities and save yourself time and frustration. For example, when a vehicle pulls to one side, some car owners might rush in to get a wheel alignment. . .when perhaps all that is needed is to inflate the tires to the proper pressure. On the other hand, car owners who put off going to the repair shop might ignore a squeaking noise for weeks, but that symptom could lead to a more expensive repair down the road -- or even impact vehicle handling.

And, while it is easy to take for granted that the first – and/or cheapest - diagnosis is the right one, some vehicle symptoms are indicative of multiple issues, which can lead to frequent misdiagnoses. Bottom line: it is important to make sure you get the right diagnosis – so you don't end up paying for an unnecessary, or incorrect, repair, which could lead to more trips to your mechanic, and more money out of your pocket.

"Most car owners are simply not going to diagnose (or repair) their vehicles themselves, but what most want is information and peace of mind, which is why helps consumers narrow down their vehicle's symptoms by what they hear, feel, see, or smell," said President Shane Evangelist. "By empowering car owners with easy online access to what might be causing a vehicle's symptoms, not only seeks to help car owners avoid potentially serious safety issues, but also to help them save significant money at the dealership or repair shop."'s Five Commonly Misdiagnosed Symptoms

Common misdiagnosed symptoms, and the corresponding repairs that can be made in error, according to Please note that while these vehicle symptoms are frequently misdiagnosed, any of these diagnoses could be correct. Always consult a certified automotive mechanic before making important automotive repair decisions.

1. Symptom: Vehicle Pulls to One Side

Common Misdiagnosis: The vehicle is out of alignment

Repair: Perform a wheel alignment

Alternative Diagnosis: The tire pressure is low on one side or the tire has a slipped belt

Repair: Inflate the tire, repair a deflated tire, or rotate the tires