ECO DEPOT, INC. (OTCQB: ECDP) from Los Angeles, CA, USA and CS Technology Co., Ltd from Korea, leading providers of Indoor LED Lighting products for the Far East, are proud to announce the opening of a new Joint Venture plant in Mexico to support their North American customers and meet growing demand for LED Lighting products.

The new plant will be named CS Tech Mexico S.A. de C.V. and will be located in the Otay Industrial area in Tijuana, Mexico in a 3400 m2 (nearly 37,000 sq ft) building.

As a manufacturing and distribution facility, CSTech Mexico will offer a full range of adherent services such as sales support, customer service, quality assurance and applications laboratories. New production lines are soon to be set up and installation is expected to be completed by the end of September. The respective certification will take place right afterwards, as manufacturing at the new plant is scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter 2010.

Demand for LED Lighting products is growing as municipalities and lighting customers are looking to reduce energy costs and compliance with a worldwide ban of the incandescent light bulb by Year 2013. ECO DEPOT chose the Otay Industrial Area due to its strategic location in the heart of the NAFTA Industrial Zone and its prominence as the leading electronics manufacturing region for the North American continent. Otay Industrial Area hosts Tier 1 and 2 electronics companies as Sony, Samsung and Foxconn Technology.

CSTech Mexico will be operated by a team of people from Mexico, Korea and the US who will bring the requisite experience and know how to produce 30,000 LED Lighting fixtures per month.

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