The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is launching a new Measurement Network to provide comprehensive access to the latest measurement science. It will bring together nineteen existing NPL knowledge transfer clubs and networks into a central hub - making it easier for a wide range of stakeholders to engage with NPL and for new groups to develop as technologies change.

The Network is designed to stimulate innovation in the UK by providing easy access to world-class measurement knowledge and expertise through a single network. By uniting existing groups under a single banner, NPL will be able to provide a more efficient and coordinated service for stakeholders including industrial partners, SMEs, universities and manufacturers.

The new network will provide targeted events and information for members. This will disseminate the latest research and knowledge from NPL in the sectors that are most relevant to each member.

Key markets and user communities will be invited to collaborate with NPL to provide measurement input into other fora such as the Knowledge Transfer Networks, building links to maximise reach and impact.

Jane Tebbey, Network Manager at NPL said: "Economists have shown that our work in cutting edge measurement science contributes approximately £2 billion per annum to UK GDP. We want to make sure that the effects of this work are felt as widely as possible across the businesses and campuses of the UK, and have established the Measurement Network to do just that. I want to encourage, industrialists, academics and policymakers to sign up and see the benefits that NPL can bring to them."

Measurement Network members will also have the opportunity to influence the research that NPL undertakes by setting the direction that the network should take. This will ensure that some of the work NPL undertakes is driven by the needs of the community and seeks to address the measurement challenges facing industry.