Dow Formulated Systems, a global business unit of The Dow Chemical Company (Dow), launches its new AIRSTONEâ?¢ 79 Adhesives Series, a step change for wind blade manufacturers.

The new AIRSTONEâ?¢ 79 Adhesives Series is a two component epoxy system comprising a resin and a hardener with individual low viscosities that make them optimal for automation in wind rotor blade manufacturing. Wind blade manufacturers using the new AIRSTONE 79 Adhesives Series can significantly accelerate the speed of application and thus reduce fabrication cycle time, while maintaining the well established mechanical properties of the known Dow AIRSTONE Adhesive systems.

In fact, the two components of the new AIRSTONEâ?¢ 79 Adhesives Series are characterized by initial low viscosities (< 10.000 mPa.s) that build-up and raise within seconds when mixed, quickly reaching a value of more than several 100.000 mPa.s. This enables thick bonding lines (up to > 50 mm) in vertical position, similar to conventional adhesives for wind rotor blades.

Low viscosity also significantly reduces the quantity of air usually entrapped during the blade manufacturing process, further considerably reducing the risk of future blade cracking.

Tests also show that such low viscosity eases the feeding strategy to the pump â?" through pressure vessels instead of excentric pumps â?" significantly simplifying the refilling of the dispensing units, and eliminating the change of drums during the application.

Dow Formulated Systems is further disclosing its 2010 Customer Innovation Path announcing these days the new AIRSTONEâ?¢ Latent Mold Building System, aimed at helping wind blade manufacturers enhance their wind blade quality while simplifying and speeding-up production processes.

The Dow AIRSTONEâ?¢ Systems for Wind Energy comprise a variety of products and solutions based on verified technology and innovative chemistry with characteristics and performance that make them ideal for use in the fabrication of wind blade. More at

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