Martin Engineering’s Inertial FlowTM transfer chutesMartin Engineering’s new custom-engineered transfer chutes help deliver material control from the time it leaves the conveyor discharge pulley until it reaches the receiving belt. By managing the material speed and direction, MARTIN® Inertial FlowTM transfer chutes can minimize impact and wear on liners and belts, while containing the dust and spillage that are often generated at transfer points. Other features include:

  • Special geometries that capture and concentrate the material stream as it travels through the chute.
  • Tailored to suit the specific material characteristics and conveyor systems of the individual customer.
  • The ability to minimize aeration and prevent buildup within the chute, which is particularly important when dealing with combustible materials. 
  • Replaceable liners.
  • Mitigation of material splash, turbulence and dust.

Schematic of Martin Engineering’s Inertial FlowTM transfer chutes