(Reuters) - Several countries have introduced subsidies or incentives

to encourage clean energy production, such as feed-in tariffs or green


Listed below are countries which have established renewable energy targets

from 2013 to 2020.


ENERGY (of total energy or electricity, pct)

TECHNOLOGY (generating capacity, gigawatts GW)

AUSTRALIA All 20 pct of all energy 2020

BRITAIN Offshore wind 32 GW 2020

CHINA All 15 pct of all energy 2020

EGYPT Wind 12 pct of all energy 2020

EUROPEAN UNION (1) All 20 pct of all energy 2020

INDIA All 25 GW 2014

Solar 20 GW 2020

All 20 pct of electricity 2020

INDONESIA All 15 pct of electricity 2025

IRAN All 2 GW 2015

KUWAIT All 5 pct of all energy 2020

JAPAN (2) All 10 pct of all energy 2020

MEXICO All 4 GW 2014

MOROCCO Wind 15 pct of all energy 2020

RUSSIA All 4.5 pct of electricity 2020

SOUTH AFRICA All 4 pct of all energy 2013

UNITED STATES (3) All "double the amount" 2012

Source: Reuters, Renewable Energy Policy network (

(1) See individual EU member state targets here


(2) The Japan target may be subject to change as the Japanese government

plans to submit Climate Change Law to parliament in coming months

(3) In pending climate change legislation, the United States has proposed a

target of 15 pct by 2020. Twenty-nine out of 50 U.S. states have set targets for

minimum amounts of electricity generation from renewable sources, while another

five states have voluntary goals.

(Compiled by Nina Chestney; Editing by Sara Ledwith)