The Performance Enhancing Meat Snack Company is proud to announce the immediate availability of Perky Jerky, caffeinated beef jerky combining premium strips of peppered beef with an energizing additive. Each package of Perky Jerky contains roughly the same amount of caffeine found in two cans of a popular energy drink.

Perky Jerky is available on the web at and will soon be available in stores nationwide.

Perky Jerky is the first ever energy jerky to be approved by the United States Department of Agriculture and it is already developing a grassroots, cult following amongst fans who insist, "It's addictive".

More than three years in the making, Perky Jerky is a culmination of its creator's quest to formulate the world's best tasting beef jerky with a boost of energy found in no other jerky product.

"Creating an energizing meat snack was only half the battle," said Brian Levin, the entrepreneur who developed Perky Jerky. "I refused to compromise on both the taste and the effect so it took several years of trial and error to find the perfect combination of flavor and kick," he added.

At just 90 calories per serving and with 22 grams of protein, Perky Jerky is also a healthy low fat snack.

Perky Jerky is flavored using a 100 percent natural additive derived from Guarana, a plant native to South America, and found in many energy drinks and herbal teas. "We chose Guarana because of its smooth, reliable and predictable energizing properties. It's an all natural way to give an energetic punch to the tender, peppered beef that we use to make Perky Jerky," said Levin.