John C. Ernst Co. simplifies the process of locating replacement flowmeters, liquid level gauges, sight glass indicators and other flow control monitoring devices.

“When a flowmeter, level gauge or other device needs to be replaced, it needs to be done quickly,” asserts John C. Ernst President James Wolfe. “Since our items last many years, replacement records are some times hard to come by. We’ve done our best to simplify replacement.”

The company’s website gives visitors no less than four ways to find the right replacement gauge, meter or valve for their respective flow processes. Visitors can search for flow control monitoring equipment by the following control types:

  • Sight glass.
  • Sight flow indicators.
  • Flowmeters.
  • Totalizers.
  • Liquid level gauges.
  • Liquid level valves.
  • Glass and gaskets.
  • Sight windows.
  • Flow and level switches.
  • Ejectors
  • Eductors.

Furthermore, if you have a model number, you can use the site’s convenient model number index. With one click, you can get a complete listing of the type of flow control device you need. A click on any of the device names or model numbers directly takes you to an online catalog in which each item includes:

  • A picture.
  • Available sizes.
  • Features.
  • Ratings.
  • Materials.

Wolfe explains that each item is organized alongside its most closely related products: “Even if a customer doesn’t know the model number or name of the device needed, he or she can compare the device to our pictures and ratings to find the exact match.

“If the pictures don’t work, there is a toll-free number, (888.463.7678) on every one of Ernst’s web pages. “We have trained customer support personnel to walk customers through the approval process. We usually direct them to the product index page, then to the right portion of our catalog. Within a couple of minutes, customers are comparing their devices to an exact picture in our catalog.”