DENSO Robotics announced that it is now offering a three-month free trial of its WINCAPS III offline programming software, available on the company’s Web site at The software saves users valuable development time by allowing them to program a robot on an offline computer. A 3-D simulation feature conveniently enables layout of the automation workcell in a virtual environment, without the robot having to be in operation.

The software also allows users to import CAD drawings in standard VRML and DirectX formats, and easily input or change variables. Users can verify reach, determine obstacle clearances, detect collisions, troubleshoot and debug programs, and determine cycle times.

The software additionally permits remote monitoring of workcell operations via real-time I/O status indicators and detailed control logs. A panel design feature enables customization of the robot controller’s teaching-pendant display.

“Our customers constantly tell us how much time WINCAPS III saves them and how much easier it makes their jobs,” says Peter Cavallo, robotics sales manager, DENSO Sales California. “We are confident that this free trial will show many others how they can benefit, too.”

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