United Air Specialists (UAS) recently launched an easy-to-use interactive cost-savings calculator on its Web site in order to enable users to determine their approximate annual energy and operational savings using Protura™ nanofiber cartridge filters in conjunction with UAS dust collection equipment. Within seconds of entering requisite data, the calculator can display your estimated annual cost savings, while even more environmentally conscious users can note how much they have reduced their carbon footprint by viewing an estimate of saved carbon emissions. Users need only input:
  • The required power (cubic feet per minute or horsepower) for their particular application.
  • The cost of electricity.
  • The number of cartridges needed.
  • Their maintenance/service labor rate.

The cost-savings calculator is based on a combination of the company's Protura nanofiber cartridge filters and patented pulse-blast cleaning technology.

According to UAS, its Protura filters can last twice as long as 80/20 cellulose or commodity filters (in any dust collector) due to their unique surface-loading characteristics. However, when used alongside of UAS' optimized dust collectors, the filters can furthermore consume less compressed air-which translates into even more cost savings.