Syrris now gives you the option to customize its laboratory reactor systems. Designed and built to your specifications, complete systems may encompass reactors, stirrers, circulators, RTDs, pumps, balances, sensors, etc. According to the company, these reactor systems can be configured using virtually any manufacturers' apparatus, while other features include:
  • Manual control or total automation, which can be selected using the flexible, easy-to-use Atlas PC software.
  • Wide reactor volume ranges-from 10 mL to 100 L-in glass, stainless steel or Hastelloy, and dosing of gas, liquid or powder.
  • High-torque stirring and measurement.
  • Integration with pH and liquid control.
  • The use of pressurized reactions to perform fully controlled hydrogenations and carbonylations.
  • An intuitive graphical interface with drag-and-drop icons, enabling recipes to be created, edited, plus run quickly and accurately.
  • Automatic data logging to monitor and record responses, such as temperature, stirrer speed, pH and more, to one csv file.