The American Chemistry Council (ACC) has announced a significant re-branding of the organization as well as the completion of the merger with the American Plastics Council. As a result, 25 brands have been brought under the ACC umbrella, and 50 Web sites will be integrated and consolidated across the organization. A few of the changes include the following:

• The American Plastics Council became the Plastics Division of the ACC.

• The Chlorine Chemistry Council became the Chlorine Chemistry Division.

• ChemStar became the Chemical Products and Technology Division.

• The American Solvents Council became the Solvents Industry Group.

• The Chemical Information and Technology Council became the Chemical Information and Technology Center.

• The Polycarbonate Business Unit became the Polycarbonate/BPA Global Group.

• The Polystyrene Packaging Council became the Food Service Packaging Group.

• The Rigid Plastic Packaging Institute became the Rigid Plastic Packaging Group.

"This robust effort at ACC will allow the organization to operate at peak efficiency and help us to deliver maximum value to our members," said Jack N. Gerard, president and CEO. "We believe that by streamlining our identity and associating all of the components of ACC with the industry brand, we will provide the industry with a stronger voice in Washington, D.C., and in the state capitals."