Demand growth for chlorine in Asia will be the driving force for additional chlor-alkali capacity, reports Chemical Market Associates Inc. in its 2007 World Chlor-Alkali Analysis. This annual report examines global chlor-alkali markets for the period 2001-2011. Here are excerpts from this year's report:

1. What is the forecast for global chlorine capacity and demand?

From 2001-2006, capacity in Northeast Asia increased by 7 million metric tons, while the rest of the world declined by almost 1 million metric tons. The real impact will be in the next five years as 9 million metric tons of capacity is scheduled to be brought on-stream globally with almost 90 percent of the new capacity projected to be in Northeast Asia, specifically China.

2. Which global regions will be key exporters of caustic soda?

Northeast Asia became the world's largest net exporter of caustic soda in 2005 with caustic soda exports increasing at a rate of more than 11 percent from 2001-2006. This trend is forecast to continue for the next five years.

3. Who will be the main importers of alumina?

The largest increase in net imports of alumina will be in Africa, as the region brings on-stream a large amount of aluminum smelting capacity.

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