New Technical Catalogs

• Global specialty chemicals manufacturer Sartomer Co. in Exton, PA, has released volume No. 9 of “Elastomer Cure Concepts,” a technical booklet that provides data to improve the processing and performance of elastomer systems using specialty rubber additives and chemicals. Information:

• A brochure on media milling is available from Premier Mill Operations in Reading, PA. The company manufactures three types of continuous horizontal media mills plus a batch-type submersible “basket” media mill. Information:

• A booklet describing AccuFeed composite screw feeders explains how to feed dry bulk materials more efficiently. It’s available from Vibra Screw Inc., Totowa, NJ. Included is an illustrated explanation of volumetric feeding with controlled vibration. Information:

• A bulletin from Thermal Instrument Co., Trevose, PA, describes the Model 600-9FS thermal mass flow switch for liquids and gases. Its technology eliminates the need for hot probes inserted into fluid. Information:

• Fluid Metering Inc., Syosset, NY, has released a catalog covering precision dispensers and metering pumps. It includes information on enhanced pump heads and simplified pump selection. Information:

• Alfa Aesar, Ward Hill, MA, is offering a catalog on research chemicals, metals and materials, featuring Alfa Aesar, Lancaster Synthesis and Avocado Organics brand products. Included is a 64-page appendix section with chemistry-specific reviews and product recommendations. Information:

• A quick reference guide to corrosion monitoring is available from Pepperl+Fuchs, Twinsburg, OH. It discusses general and localized corrosion as well as traditional and automated corrosion monitoring techniques. Information:

• Croll Reynolds Co., Parsippany, NJ, has published a brochure on air pollution control for challenging toxic and hazardous fumes and gases. Information is provided on jet venturi, packed tower and high-energy venturi scrubbers. Information:

• Serfilco Ltd., Northbrook, IL, has released a catalog promoting products pertinent to environmental tasks, involving aqueous solutions that can’t be disposed of as ordinary waste. It features data on a range of pumps, filtration equipment, filter media and instrumentation and control devices. Information: