Progressive Recovery Inc.

Progressive Recovery Inc.

700 Industrial Dr
Dupo, Illinois 62239
Phone: 618-286-5000
About the Company

PRI has been designing and manufacturing fluid process systems since 1983. We specialize in systems processing hazardous materials in classified locations. Our 25 years of experience includes heat transfer, fluid processing, modular equipment design and bio containment systems. We have placed more than 2500 systems worldwide.

We have contributed innovative solutions to environmental waste problems in a variety of industries. The measure of our success in applying these solutions is our list of satisfied clients, a substantial list of Fortune 500 and many smaller companies.

In addition to this outstanding engineering effort, we are continually working towards providing superior equipment by following a stringent, documented manufacturing quality control program. This program insures an internal monitoring system for PRI and a secure assurance of quality for our clients.

Innovation, Partnering and Quality Control are not new concepts to PRI. Neither is customer service. We maintain a continuous program for improving our customer support effort by ongoing communication, helpful documentation, technical support from our engineering staff and field service at the client's plant.

PRI has the capabilities and we ask you to partner with us to improve the environment and recover your own valuable resources.