Buchi Pilot Plant & Reactor Systems

Buchi Pilot Plant & Reactor Systems

Gschwaderstrasse 12
CH–8610 Uster, Switzerland
Phone: +41 (0)44 905 51 11
About the Company


Long-term customers are happy customers and repeated customers: The goal of our activities is the long-term satisfaction of our customers by the supply of safe and reliable equipment. This is the base of a qualitative and quantitative healthy evolution of our company. We want to achieve this by trained and motivated staff as well as up to date resources. As a result we can offer a high level of competence by supplying leading technology, complying with actual requests of industries and authorities.
Customer focus:

A fair partnership with our customers is important - understanding our customer’s need brings best solutions and forms the basis of a successful cooperation. Trained product specialist are available worldwide to support you.

Büchi AG Uster was founded 1946. Three years later, the young enterprise highlighted its determination to conquer the market with new ideas and concepts. The Büchi brothers first developed the «büchiflex» ball-socket joint: a flexible, changeable glass piping connection. This unique combination of highly corrosion resistant glass and fully functional connection elements immediately met with a resounding response, in the chemical industry. With the stirred laboratory autoclaves (pressure reactors), also manufactured in corrosion resistant materials, a second product line was set up.
Field of activities:

Büchi is a leading world-wide supplier of pressure reactors, pilot reactors and accessories, pilot plants and process equipment in corrosion resistant materials for R&D and production in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.