Chem.Info's recurring Processing in Person feature highlights a processing company that stands about above the rest for the implementation of strategic processing techniques and the production of high quality goods. This week, we're focusing on Daniele, Inc., a deli meat processing company in Pascoag, R.I.

Buy local

Though Daniele’s footprint is large and international, its roots are planted firmly in Rhode Island. To celebrate its community, the company recently launched a Rhode Island-centric line of cured meats.

Though a small portion of the company’s total output, these products take “buy local” to a new level. Daniele, of course a Rhode Island business itself, worked with a local slaughterhouse to source livestock from Rhode Island and throughout New England for the line. Daniele also reached out to the Rhode Island design community, working with Rhode Island School of Design on the products’ packaging design. Johnson & Wales, a Rhode Island culinary school, helped design the recipes.

Daniele, located outside what is traditionally thought of as the food belt, sees the line as a way to celebrate the rich food culture in Rhode Island. “It’s important to support local farmers,” says DeCesare. And through this collaborative effort, Daniele is infusing all aspects of the food production supply chain with a “buy local” mentality.

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