FlowroxHundreds of U.S. coal-fired power companies are currently utilizing Flowrox high-performance pinch valves and heavy-duty knife gate valves for various services.

In many cases, our pinch valves and knife gates can be utilized in similar applications. Pinch valves have the advantage of straight-through flow and are void of any areas for pockets or cavities for slurry or material accumulation that makes many valves become inoperable.

Flowrox knife gate valves as standard are equipped with flushing ports, lock out pins and protective covers on moving stems.  Flowrox believes that the best valve comes with these extras automatically for the ultimate protection and reliability.

Flowrox pinch valves have performed extremely well in FGD scrubbers, bottom ash, feedwater and fly ash applications.

Flowrox_2Flowrox pinch valves feature a dual-closure mechanism that closes the valve on the centerline. Dual closure prevents over stressing of the rubber sleeve, allowing it to last longer than single-pinch designs. Dual pinch coupled with optimal elastomer technology can often outperform competing designs more than five to 10 times longer than single-pinch devices in high cycle and control applications.

Flowrox heavy-duty knife gate valves are often utilized when face-to-face dimensions or the weight is too great for a pinch valve. The Flowrox knife gate valve incorporates a J-shaped steel support ring to create a spring action to ensure tight sealing of the two rubber sleeves. This design is superior to C-shaped support rings found in competing designs. The Flowrox valve is more robust, and the seat ring seals are tighter at high and low pressures.

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