The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) plans to establish a greater presence in China, following the appointment of Dr. Yan Tsaur as the country’s first IChemE operations director. Professor Richard Darton, IChemE President, outlined the institution’s Chinese strategy in his speech at the recently held Asia Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineers meeting.

“Chemical engineering is a global profession, and IChemE must play a leadership role in supporting chemical engineers wherever they are,” says Darton.

Darton believes IChemE can support the Chinese chemical engineering community in three areas:

  • Professional standards.

  • Promoting best practices in process and environmental safety.

  • Creating the framework to encourage the technical innovation required to address challenges in areas like water, health, energy and the environment.
“IChemE has long been recognized for its ability to qualify competent chemical engineers.” Darton continues, “We believe in the value of publicly recognizing exemplary standards of professionalism and ability through the award of the Chartered Chemical Engineer qualification.”

Tsaur believes IChemE’s efforts in China will be welcome, given the growing significance of chemical engineering in the country.

“We have 5,000 sizeable domestic chemical companies in China and a further 1,500 international joint ventures. Chinese universities produce 2,000 BE graduates every year,” according to Tsaur.

"IChemE has an excellent track record in supporting chemical engineers, and the creation of a new branch in China will ultimately provide a range of international qualifications, services and technical training that will contribute to our members’ continuing professional development, and give a real boost to the professional community.”