I guess a good place to start would be an introduction.

My name is Jeff Reinke, and I’ve taken over for Lisa Arrigo as the editorial director of Chem.Info magazine. I’m excited about stepping into this role and taking the helm of a magazine that has proudly provided its readership with product information and operational guidance for more than 45 years.

But as those in the manufacturing realm know all too well, with time comes change. So as you look through upcoming issues, you may notice a slightly different layout and altered approach. And as things progress, I encourage you to contact me with any thoughts on how the magazine can be improved. If we’re missing something, let us know, or if you have some interesting things happening at your facility, I’d love to take the opportunity to come out and look.

I also encourage marketers to note my contact information, and feel free to include me on any distribution lists relating to industry news and product information.

This issue offers a great deal of information relating to biofuel production—from a best practices/case study perspective, as well as in gaining a better understanding of some of the new products and technologies being developed around this process. Although we understand that not every reader is involved in this particular segment, coverage of it offers panoramic insight into how new advancements in any area can help improve efficiency, quality and overall plant safety.

It’s these types of topics that seem to place the processing industry atop the industrial food chain, as the issues critical to every manufacturer are taken to a higher level of significance when working with the types of substances involved in processing. Additionally, it has been impressed onto me that the Chem.Info reader is able to implement new technologies that impact the lives of countless people on a daily basis—whether it’s in the production of food, pharmaceuticals, energy, etc. That’s why I’m so excited to be working for you in making this publication better with each issue, and realizing the potential impact we can have in this marketplace and the lives of people throughout the world.

This issue marks a couple of firsts—namely my introduction to the editorial controls, and more important for me, the first of many times when I can talk to you with excitement and enthusiasm about the process engineering and manufacturing marketplaces.

Thanks for your time and the opportunity. Your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.