ITT Goulds announced a next-generation ANSI pump at a recent teleconference with key members of the press. Marking an industry first, the company’s Model 3196 pump now has onboard intelligence as a standard feature. Why is this important? Because this pump, which is called the i-FRAME, provides early warning of trouble so that those responsible for monitoring and repairing rotating equipment have time to make changes to the process or machine to prevent failures. Since ANSI pumps are often overlooked by predictive maintenance programs, this continuous pump monitoring will add to the plant’s bottom line.

The i-FRAME’s stainless steel condition monitor is nested atop the power end to measure critical vibration and temperature readings. Variations in temperature or vibration that exceed preset parameters will activate the warning system by displaying flashing red lights that can be easily recognized by anyone near the pump.

“From a Goulds perspective, the i-FRAME is a natural convergence of two trends — innovation in both the mechanical and electronics arenas,” explained Patrick Prayne, ANSI product manager. “By making control monitoring standard on pumps, the patented i-FRAME represents a breakthrough product. It is probably the most significant step to reduce life cycle costs in the history of the 3196 pump.”

The 3196 pump is recognized as a workhorse in chemical, oil and gas, petrochemical, pulp and paper, and other industrial processes. “The Goulds Model 3196 is already the best-selling process pump in the world and now we’ve made it even better,” said Prayne. “This increased reliability and condition monitoring intelligence gets to the heart of our most important customer requirement — reduced downtime and equipment life cycle cost.”

The pump has premium severe-duty thrust bearings that increase fatigue life by 2 to 5 times that of standard bearings, dual stainless-steel bronze-bearing isolators for improved corrosion resistance and contaminant exclusion, an optimized sump design to improve heat transfer and collect and concentrate contaminants away from the bearings, and a five-year warranty.

The i-FRAME, which will be available next month, will have its official coming-out party at the International Pump Users Symposium in Houston April 22-24. Field tests, however, have been going on since last July at approximately 25 beta sites. These sites include chemical plants, oil refineries, salt mines, and paper mills.

More information is available at or by contacting the company at 914-641-2000.