Free Catalogs

• Millipore Corp., Billerica, MA, is offering a brochure (PB1200EN00) to readers who want to understand NovAseptic mixers for use throughout the process line. Designed for applications in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, the mixers are magnetically driven, which minimizes contamination risk, and bottom-mounted for low level mixing and easy maintenance.

Information: 800-645-5476

• "Common Mistakes in Selecting UPS and How to Avoid Them" is available from Staco Energy Products, Dayton, OH. The guide identifies 17 misconceptions and mistakes that occur when choosing uninterruptible power supplies and provides readers with useful advice.


• Mott Corp., Farmington, CT, is working to streamline food and beverage processing plant production through the integration of porous metal products. A brochure examines a variety of solutions ranging from sparging to maintain product freshness to gas sampling technology to protect sensitive monitoring equipment.

Information: 860-747-6333

• "Elastomer Cure Concepts, Volume X" is a technical booklet from Sartomer Co., Exton, PA. It provides updated processing and performance data for Sartomer's rubber additives and other specialty chemicals.

Information: 610-363-4100

• Kaeser Compressors Inc., Fredericksburg, VA, is offering its "Energy Savings in Compressed Air Systems" guide to explain the factors that have a significant impact on compressed air system performance and to outline easy steps to increase the efficiency of existing systems.

Information: 800-777-7873