Drying/State Change Equipment

Rail-Mounted Fluid Bed Dryers

Rail-mounted vibratory dryers and coolers from the Witte Company are suitable for foods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, aggregates and other products that require dry processing.

Can Drying Tunnels

DRYING: Air Control Industries' DRI-Line series can drying tunnels use a variable height plenum with a Y shaped slot configuration and have been specifically designed for drying the tops and bottoms of cans. The tunnels can be readily supplied to cater to single or multi lane conveyors.

Pasteurization of Sausages

DRYING: HOEGGER's model ECOPAST 74 ensures optimal product quality, longer shelf life and increased cost-effectiveness in the production of various sausage products. Since the vacuum packages do not expand, this machine works with comparably low spacing between the levels of trays.


LISTED UNDER: Miscellaneous Software

QR Inventory (

QR Inventory is lightweight, yet powerful inventory management system that uses QR codes and mobile technology to streamline inventory management process. Use smartphones to efficiently check in, check out and lookup inventory by scanning QR codes or regular UPC barcodes. No bulky scanners are required - no matter how many people in your organization are involved in handling inventory, they all have scanners in their pockets. QR Inventory is easily adaptable to your business model – it lets you choose what you want to record / track for your inventory. Control trackable fields via the web interface - and these fields will appear in the smartphone application for recording inventory transactions, and will be included in the reports.

Supply Chain Management Technology

The Wercs, Ltd. announced the release of WERCSmart (Supply-chain Management and Reporting Technology) to the broader industrial marketplace, with a specific focus on manufacturers in aerospace, electronics, and paints and coatings.

Remote Equipment Control

HMS Industrial Networks introduces the Netbiter EC350 – a new communication gateway that makes it easier to monitor and control industrial equipment remotely. 

Fabrication Design / Construction Materials

Explosion Proof Low Voltage Light Cart

Larson Electronics, LLC

The Magnalight EPLC-112 Four Drop Light GFI Cart provides a mobile lighting solution for applications requiring multiple explosion proof light sources that can be easily managed in the workspace.

LED Spotlight

Larson Electronics, LLC

Larson Electronics is pleased to announce the new PML-90LED-SW 90 Watt LED Spotlight.

Explosion Proof Infrared LED Light

Larson Electronics, LLC

Larson Electronics announces the release of a 6 watt explosion proof LED infrared light fixture mounted on an adjustable scaffold bracket.

Heating & Cooling Equipment

Steam Generator

Sioux Corporation introduces the Steam-Flo steam generator as a reliable, economical, portable source of low-pressure steam.

Drum & Tote Oven

Benko Products

Benko Products, Inc. announces that its Sahara Hot Room Model S24 quickly melts hard-to-melt material in drums or totes, without degrading the product. 

Cleanroom Oven Cabinet

The Grieve Corporation

The No. 962 Class 100 cleanroom cabinet oven from Grieve is electrically-heated to 500°F to be used for pass-through depyrogenation of glassware.

Instrumentation & Controls

Heavy Duty Safety Switches

The ABB Low Voltage Products division has introduced a new line of heavy duty safety switches for commercial and industrial applications.

Ultrasonic Sensors

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces Series IO Ultrasonic Sensors, these IO-Link compatible sensors establish a new level of versatility and convenience with simple pushbutton programming.

Remote Tank Monitoring

TankLink introduces a new way for propane distributors to implement industry-leading tank level monitoring without the upfront hardware expense.

Materials Handling / Storage / Packaging Equipment

Wide Format Labeling Solution

K-Sun Corp.

The K-Sun® PEARLabel® 400iXL General Labeling Solution pairs the new PEARLabel® 400iXL Energy-Star certified, wide-format thermal transfer printer with new PC software for bar code, industrial and safety labeling, wide heat shrink tube markers, custom and compliant pipe markers, tags and more.

Compact Scale

Mettler Toledo

Designed and engineered for dry to light washdown applications, the ICS226 is the basic level continuation of the series of checkweighers.

Hazardous Area Weighing Terminal

Mettler Toledo

A new weighing terminal from METTLER TOLEDO is specially designed for safe and accurate weighing in potentially explosive classified hazardous areas.

Health & Safety

Pallet Safety Gate

FabEnCo, Inc. announces that the company has developed a new Pallet Safety Gate that will be added to the company’s full line of safety gate products.

Air Purifying Respirator

Gateway Safety presents the revolutionary PeakFit® N95, a comfortable and easily adjustable respirator designed to improve worker compliance through its unique design and custom fit features.

Spill Response Protection

New Pig Corporation

New Pig has introduced the PIG® Rapid Response Drainblocker® Drain Cover specifically designed to provide facilities with affordable emergency spill response protection in spill-prone areas near drains.

Liquid-Air-Gas Handling Equipment

High Performance Gate Valves


The Swivldisc Gate Valves are available in ½” through 4” sizes and feature a wedge gate design that employs a flexible disc.

High Performance Gate Valves


The Swivldisc Gate Valves are available in ½” through 4” sizes and feature a wedge gate design that employs a flexible disc.

Single-Use Biopharmaceutical Products

Watson-Marlow Pumps' newly acquired product line of BioPure single-use tubing connector systems simplify production operations, lower the costs of GMP Pharma manufacturing and reduce process validation time.

Processing / Mixing / Blending Equipment

Meat Mixers

Weiler offers a full range of vacuum and non-vacuum mixers to ensure the mixing versatility processors must have to handle any protein application, including beef, pork, mutton, poultry, veal, seafood and more.

Turbulent Flow Static Mixer

Introducing the Kenics UltraTab static mixer designed for turbulent flow applications where a high degree of mixing is required in a compact space. 

Ultra-High Shear Mixer

Charles Ross & Son Company

This batch-style rotor/stator mixer is designed for ultra-high shear conditions and vigorous flow, an ideal combination that supports high-speed production of fine dispersions and emulsions.

Size Reduction / Agglomeration Equipment

Crush Test Press

The Monarch Model CMG28-12-PCR-X proppant Crush Test press from Carver meets critical demands of ISO 13502-2:2006 with excellent cycle repeatability.

Agglomerate Reduction Technology

The Nibbler from Powder Technologies offers the combination of integrated paddles and suitable screens to reduce lumps and agglomerates to the desired size needed for many applications working with raw products.

Dust Free Powder Induction

The Ystral Conti-TDS brings major efficiencies to the production process by offering powder induction, wetting and then dispersing of an agglomerate-free liquid with one machine.

Filtration / Separation Equipment

Liquid Filtration Housings

Donaldson Company, Inc. (NYSE:DCI) is pleased to announce a new line of liquid filtration housings – the new P-FG series – designed for filtration of process water, mineral water, beer, wine, soft drinks, juice and other liquids. 

Self-Cleaning Filters

Orival Water Filters

ORIVAL, Inc. is committed to advancing the reuse of industrial, municipal and agricultural waters by providing the specially designed ORG series of automatic self-cleaning filters.

Ventgard Filters

LabStrong Corporation now manufactures a ventgard filter suitable for operation in Thermo Scientific Barnstead water purification system storage reservoirs. 

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