Control Systems/Software

Warehouse Management Software

Kardex Remstar, LLC announces the release of Power Pick Global 4.0 Warehouse Management Software in North America.

Data Management Software System

Mettler Toledo

METTLER TOLEDO has introduced ProdX, an advanced connectivity software program that allows centralized monitoring, control and data documentation for its checkweighers, metal detectors and x-ray systems, whether operating in one location or in multiple facilities. 

Modeling Software

Honeywell Industry Solutions

Honeywell announces a major enhancement to its Refinery and Petrochemical Modeling System (RPMS) that will improve model building and maintenance, case management and optimization to help plants maximize profitability. 

Drying/State Change Equipment

Dryer-Dust Collector

A new vibrating fluid bed drying system from The Witte Company integrates drying and dust collection into a single unit to capture fine particles and recover the high-value material as saleable product that would otherwise be lost as waste. 

Rail-Mounted Fluid Bed Dryers

Rail-mounted vibratory dryers and coolers from the Witte Company are suitable for foods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, aggregates and other products that require dry processing.

Can Drying Tunnels

DRYING: Air Control Industries' DRI-Line series can drying tunnels use a variable height plenum with a Y shaped slot configuration and have been specifically designed for drying the tops and bottoms of cans. The tunnels can be readily supplied to cater to single or multi lane conveyors.

Environmental Controls

Dryer-Dust Collector

A new vibrating fluid bed drying system from The Witte Company integrates drying and dust collection into a single unit to capture fine particles and recover the high-value material as saleable product that would otherwise be lost as waste. 

Laboratory Fume Hood

The Mistral fume hood platform is a new, innovative product developed specifically to meet the demands of modern laboratories moving at the speed of science.

Biological Safety Cabinets

The Purair BIO is designed to protect individuals, the environment, and products from a variety of biological particulates, serving as the primary barrier in life science research and experimentation.

Fabrication Design / Construction Materials

Pivoting Dock Light

Larson Electronics, LLC

The WAL-DL-WP60E-72-1227 extendible work area dock light from Larson Electronics provides operators with a powerful and energy efficient alternative to traditional gas burning filament luminaries.

Portable Light Tower

Larson Electronics, LLC

The WAL-4XWP60E-MCE released by Larson Electronics is a 240 watt portable LED light tower that produces 21,600 lumens of bright light with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. 

Magnetic Mount LED

J.W. Speaker announces a new kit version of their popular Model 523 8" x 9" rectangular magnetic mount LED scene light. 

Filtration / Separation Equipment

Ultrafiltration Product Line

Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. announces its MegaPure™ hollow fiber product line designed for high-solids water and wastewater applications.

Clog-Resistant Filter Media

Unifilt Corporation is proud to introduce the Unifilt Air Scour, a clog-resistant filter media cleaning alternative to outdated mesh designs.  

Industrial Vacuum With Self-Cleaning Filter

Nilfisk CFM’s newest industrial vacuum cleaners feature InfiniClean™ automatic filter cleaning system.

Heating & Cooling Equipment

Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

Terlet has launched the new Terlotherm Delta range scraped surface heat exchanger. 

Steam Generator

Sioux Corporation introduces the Steam-Flo steam generator as a reliable, economical, portable source of low-pressure steam.

Drum & Tote Oven

Benko Products

Benko Products, Inc. announces that its Sahara Hot Room Model S24 quickly melts hard-to-melt material in drums or totes, without degrading the product. 

Instrumentation & Controls

Portable Purge & Trap GC System

New Star Environmental introduces the Frog-4000, a fully contained purge and trap GC system with analytical capabilities that are comparable to a commercial lab with the advantage of its compact size.

Signal Conditioner & Display Unit

The compactly housed E725 signal conditioner and display unit from RDP Electrosense can be used in either a stand-alone or panel mounted mode and offers flexibility and high performance. 

RFID-Controlled Inventory Tracking Solution

AutoCrib, Inc. unveiled its new IntelliPort Lite, the company’s latest radio frequency identification (RFID) portal.

Liquid-Air-Gas Handling Equipment

Sludge Cake Pump

The Moyno™ 2000 HS system can pump filter cake great distances with high volumetric efficiencies.

Machine Grade Polycarbonate

Ensinger TECANAT machine grade polycarbonate, made from SABIC Lexan® resin, offers water clear clarity. 

Shut-Off Valves

Johnson Electric announces the Saia-GMP line of shut-off valves for pre-paid gas meters.

Materials Handling / Storage / Packaging Equipment

Shuttle Vertical Lift Module

Kardex Remstar introduces a Shuttle Vertical Lift Module (VLM) with an extended the weight capacity for oil and gas operations looking to increase productivity, reduce floor space and increase profit.

Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets

JOBOX announces its new line of safety cabinets and cans with superior fire resistance for the industrial sector.

Vertical Storage Solutions

The STAK adjustable racking system line offers the ultimate in flexibility in regard to vertical storage, load capacity, and space-savings and money-savings.

Processing / Mixing / Blending Equipment

Polypropylene Mixing Tank

Terracon Corporation announces a new production-sized mixing tank – the TerraPro Mixer – designed to meet the need of life sciences companies for a high-performance mixer that can be delivered quickly.

Maintain-In-Place Grinder

The EZstrip TR Muncher® offers a solution to solids grinding and sludge conditioning. With the ability to maintain the grinder in place without removing the equipment, maintenance is reduced by more than 70% for significant cost savings.

Size Reduction Solution

The Gericke Nibbler, distributed throughout North America by Powder Technologies (PTI), offers the combination of integrated paddles and suitable screens to reduce lumps and agglomerates to the desired size needed for the process.


Protective Caps

JM Science, Inc.

JM Science is pleased to announce their Smart Caps technology to protect the health of laboratory personnel when using waste solvents.

Lathe Chuck Shields

Danray Products LLC offers 52" and 62" steel lathe chuck shields for lathes or similar machines.

Explosion Prevention Software

DNV GL’s new Phast 3D Explosions software module enables advanced 3D modelling, increasing both the accuracy and detail of explosion hazard evaluations as well as information about the speed of vapour cloud explosion (VCE) analyses.

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