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Measure Thermal Energy Flow Rates

September 25, 2009 8:41 am | Comments

Sierra's Innova-Sonic® Model 205 thermal energy/BTU meter is a transit-time ultrasonic flowmeter designed to measure the thermal energy flow rate and totalized energy consumption in liquid heating and cooling applications.

Customizable Inlets & Outlets

September 25, 2009 7:39 am | Comments

Rosedale’s range of filters, strainers, separators and housings feature: Customizable inlets and outlets. Permanently piped housings that can be opened without special tools. Carbon or stainless steel housings. Electropolished surfaces.

Remote Industrial Device Connection

September 25, 2009 7:07 am | Comments

ProSoft Technology® has released the RadioLinx intelligent cellular solutions, designed to provide wide area and even global wireless connectivity for industrial devices.


CO2 Injection Freezer Backup

September 25, 2009 6:08 am | Comments

The model CA5000 freezer backup alarm system from Hampshire combines a field proven alarm systems and liquid CO2 injection system to ensure products are kept at ultra-low temperatures. The system offers: User-programmable alarm and control set points and alarm delay times.

Bundle, Pack & Shrink Wrap

September 24, 2009 10:43 am | Comments

Standard-Knapp recently introduced its 597 bundler, a continuous motion multi-packer that arranges products into compact pack patterns and wraps the configurations in film.

Hassle-Free Hydrazine Injection

September 24, 2009 8:58 am | Comments

Fluid Metering, Inc.'s RHV variable speed valveless piston pumps with ceramic internals are an ideal solution for directly injecting Hydrazine into water and steam systems, according to the company. The pumps: Inject concentrated hydrazine at system pressure and without dilution.

Mining For AODD Pumps

September 24, 2009 7:30 am | Comments

Wilden announced today that its PV810 and PV1510 Advanced™ Metal air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps feature the design parameters necessary for pumping the larger solids that are found in the mining industry. Features include: 51mm (2”) configuration on the PV810.

Molded Foot Valve Screens

September 24, 2009 6:22 am | Comments

Asahi/America, Inc. has released new injected molded foot valve screens for its ball check valves. The new screens replace Asahi’s fabricated foot valve screens.


Blend ppb & ppt Analyte Concentrations

September 22, 2009 12:34 pm | Comments

The 491M/B/SD modular gas standards generator dynamically blends precisely known VOC/TOC gas standards with parts-per-billion (ppb) and parts-per-trillion (ppt) analyte concentrations.

Strainer Configurations Galore

September 22, 2009 12:17 pm | Comments

Conval is now offering a variety of in-line Y-pattern, angle, and T-pattern strainer configurations.

Ensure Correct Ferrite Content

September 22, 2009 9:10 am | Comments

The Feritscope® FMP30 from Paul N. Gardner Co. measures the ferrite content in austenitic and duplex steel according to the magnetic induction method, and all magnetic components of the otherwise non-magnetic structure are recognized.

TOTE Tank Heaters For Hot Products

September 22, 2009 8:32 am | Comments

OMEGA Engineering's new wrap-around tote tank heaters provide a quick, non-invasive method for warming your product. The TOTE series: Has 2 heating zones, 2 built-in adjustable thermostats, and 2 built-in high limit thermostats. Fit any tote tank from 1 to 1.

Conforming To The Highest Purity Standards

September 22, 2009 4:39 am | Comments

AMETEK Fluoropolymer Products now offers shell and tube heat exchangers made with ultra-high purity PFA tubing, which allows chemical processors and others to conform to the highest purity standards.

Fieldbus-Controlled Multi-Filling System

September 21, 2009 1:24 pm | Comments

Watson-Marlow's new Flexicon MC100 fieldbus controlled multi-filling system is designed to be integrated on new and existing filling systems, providing line flexibility for fast and contamination free changeovers.

Pre-Calibrated, Field Replaceable Gas Sensors

September 21, 2009 1:21 pm | Chem Info | Comments

The new hand held E1100 industrial combustion gas analyzer from E Instruments has pre-calibrated and field replaceable sensors for O2 and CO. The analyzer also features: A built-in printer. Unbreakable metal probe connectors.



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