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Expanded Resolver Portfolio

Fri, 07/11/2014 - 9:45am
Nikita Ernst

API Delevan announces that it will be expanding its product portfolio to include the well-known Harowe brand of resolvers. The Harowe brand offers a wide range of standardized and custom solutions of frameless resolvers from size 10 through size 55, along with housed resolvers ranging from standard-grade size 8 to heavy-duty industrial-grade size 25. Harowe brand resolvers are used extensively in aircraft, machine tools, medical systems, motors, and robotics. Other typical resolver applications include throttle positioning for jet engines, fin actuation systems, down hole drilling systems, medical CRT and IMRT systems, aerial camera systems, and missile & space launchers. Resolvers are also commonly used in commercial applications; plastic forming, food processing, and steel, paper, and textile mills.  In addition, the company has extensive experience in customizing resolvers to meet application specific needs such as radiation-hardening. 


API Delevan


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