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Ultra-High Shear Mixer

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 12:25pm
Nikita Ernst, Associate Editor


This batch-style rotor/stator mixer is designed for ultra-high shear conditions and vigorous flow, an ideal combination that supports high-speed production of fine dispersions and emulsions. Its patented “Delta” mixing head runs up to 5,000 ft/min and produces a double vortex that pulls product from the top and bottom of the rotor while simultaneously expelling material at high velocity through the stator openings and into the surrounding mix. Complete wet-out and dispersion is possible even with powders that would, upon contact with liquid, normally form tough lumps such as gums, fumed silica and other thickeners. Airborne and floating powders are also eliminated which contributes to faster mixing, reduced waste, safer working conditions and easier clean-up. The operator can simply dip a wand into bulk bags or containers and conveniently induct lightweight powders without creating a dusty environment. A valve on the wand modulates the rate of powder induction.



Charles Ross & Son Company


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