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Feeding & Mixing Skid System

Mon, 04/21/2014 - 4:21pm
Nikita Ernst, Associate Editor


The SLIM Mixer is designed for automatic ingredient additions and high-speed mixing. It works by pumping liquid from the tank while simultaneously drawing powders from a stainless steel hopper. Each ingredient addition and each step in the mix, drain and clean cycles are pre-programmed so that mixer speed, mixing time, temperature set-point, composition and batch weight are accurately replicated and recorded in every run. Flow meters, load cells, solenoid valves, level sensors and thermocouples are all integrated into a PLC Recipe Control Panel. The automated system can cut process times by 80% or more. By introducing solids sub-surface where they are instantly subjected to vigorous agitation, issues like floating powders, excessive dusting and formation of stubborn agglomerates are eliminated. 




Charles Ross & Son Company


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