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Ductless Chemical Workstation

Mon, 03/17/2014 - 9:37am
Nikita Ernst, Associate Editor
The Mystaire® FE-2620 ductless economy chemical workstation provides a high level of operator protection while performing routine laboratory manipulations with liquid chemicals or powders. The workstation simply recirculates the filtered air inside the laboratory space while removing potentially harmful toxins from the airstream. Typical applications for the ductless economy chemical workstation are histology, powder weighing and manipulation, cleaning of parts and glassware, sample preparation, solvent mixing and pouring. It can easily be positioned over a laboratory sink, or placed directly on a laboratory counter or bench top. The workstation is designed to establish negative pressure at the opening to allow contaminants to be pulled into the filtration zone. The filtration zone media configuration will depend on the application to be performed within the enclosure. Mystaire® offers a wide variety of activated, chemisorptive and specialty carbon blends as well as HEPA and ULPA filtration to meet application needs. Designed to provide 360-degree visibility for the operator and observers, the economy workstation can be used as an instructional tool to provide optimal protection from potentially harmful gas or particulate exposure.  
Mystaire® Inc. 

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