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Polypropylene Resins

Mon, 02/03/2014 - 10:02am

Propilco unveiled a new addition to its portfolio of polypropylene resins clarified with Millad NX 8000 technology from Milliken & Company. Propilco’s new 80R90CD (clarified random copolymer) grade offers a Melt Flow Rate (MFR) of 80 for food storage containers and food packaging applicationsThe NX 8000 clarifier allows PP to be processed at significantly lower temperatures, reducing energy demands and associated carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and increasing productivity by facilitating mold release. Further, the material delivers stiffness and impact performance comparable to those of lower-MFR resins, as confirmed by early adopters. These advantages, combined with superior clarity and lower processing temperatures, will help customers increase productivity, simplify mold design, extend the life of mold tools, cut energy usage and emissions and create durable, brilliantly clear products offering a bright, fresh appearance.








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