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Silo Cleaning Solutions

Thu, 11/14/2013 - 3:13pm

Martin Silo Solutions eliminate the need for confined space entry and hazardous cleaning techniques for blocked vessels and plugged discharge chutes, allowing the material to be recaptured and returned to the process stream. Highly trained technicians use remote-controlled equipment from the top of the vessel to safely address blockages. Most cleaning projects are performed with the Heavy Duty Whip, a portable, remote controlled tool that can be lowered into storage vessels through a manhole opening. Powered by compressed air, the whip can be equipped with a variety of flails and cutting edges to knock down accumulated material without damaging storage vessels.  The abrasion-resistant steel chain is best suited for most applications, with a non-sparking brass chain for combustible materials. Urethane flails can also be employed to protect lined vessels that could be susceptible to damage from metal tools.  


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